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My Favorite Backstreet Boys Concert Photos

A number of years ago I attended the Backstreet Boys concert in Washington DC. I had just recently returned from my visits to New York and had been excited about the prospect of going to a concert in one of the world’s most well-known music capitals. I had heard that the concerts were being organized by Live Nation, so I thought I would try to get an insight into what I should expect. Well, I was wrong! It was a crazy experience, but I’ll tell you why.

The venue was such that it felt like a club concert, with the stage set for the Backstreet Boys performing from the stage. There were lighting, projection, and music that they themselves had performed on the previous tours. The effect was a very cool one, and there was even an after-party at a bar called the Camelot. It was cool, but I can’t say it was my kind of concert. However, I have seen many concerts before that was pretty wild, and the Backstreet Boys concert definitely wasn’t a mainstream event like The Stones.

I was really out of character when I entered the stage. I don’t normally go for pop concerts and I didn’t even have the money to spend that night, so I ended up standing on the perimeter trying to get in. Luckily I wasn’t the only person who was nervous. I’ve seen a few boys who were very pale in front of the camera, and I remember thinking, “Why are these kids so nervous?” But then I remembered that the guy sitting in front of me had canceled his ticket months earlier because he was sick!

But once I got in the mood, I realized that this was actually going to be an amazing concert. Boy was I glad that I brought my A-game. Watching the videos online afterwards makes me realize just how incredible the visual accompaniment of the Backstreet Boys could be. I couldn’t see it then, but now I can’t imagine watching any music video without it. When the lights went down, the audience erupted in a cheer. Everyone was really into it. If you are looking for Backstreet Boys concert tickets so tickets are available at Ticket2concert.

As the boys started singing, the atmosphere became a little more serious. The bass began to throb, the drums were pounding and soon there was even some clapping. My heart started pumping so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Then, slowly but surely, the lights turned down and the show became suspenseful.

The Backstreet Boys took us back to our childhood. Backstreet Boys Concert at the O2 was exactly what I remembered. We were still kicking around in those days and the music still brings memories of our school days to mind. At that time, nothing else could really make me happy. The girls in the audience were even more beautiful than the boys.

I’m not sure why I’m still so in love with their music. Maybe it’s because they took us all through those years of pure innocence and we all grew up so fast. Maybe it’s because I still have a few of my band friends still. Maybe it’s just because I can’t get over how good they are.

Regardless, my friends and I are very proud of our old man Nicky Minaj. He’s not the only great artist from the era of the Backstreet Boys, but he is one of the most popular. We’re all very excited for his next tour and look forward to seeing him. I’m sure he will top himself, proving once again that age is no barrier when it comes to the best.

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