Moving to Washington DC?

What to Know Before Signing the Final Paperwork

Moving to anywhere can be a fresh start, but when moving to a politically minded city like Washington, DC, there is a lot to consider. Both jobs and homes in Washington DC have become remarkably popular in recent years and more and more people are choosing to move to our nation’s capital. However, before you move to this thriving area of the country, here are some things to consider.

Traffic Can Be Rough, but the Metro is Excellent

Traffic is a problem in many major cities and Washington DC is certainly no exception. Traffic in this area can become brutal at times, but thankfully, there is a solution. Many residents simply do without a vehicle and rely on the city’s metro system for transportation needs. When coupled with other options such as Uber or Lyft rideshare, the options for getting where you want to go, when you need to get become easier than just owning a vehicle. The suburbs may seem like a great option and are for some, but with such congestion problems in the city, commute times can take a significant toll on residents.

Stand Right, Walk Left

Certain things residents will learn as they go along with their daily lives in their chosen city. Each city has their own, individual attributes new residents must adjust to. Washington DC is no different. When your begin to explore your new place of residence you will discover a lot of escalators that can be very long. Although many areas neglect to have a common courtesy rule for the use of these movable walkways, Washington DC does. It is known as the walk left, stand right rule. Essentially, when you are riding the escalator, you are to stand to the right and let those in more of a hurry walk to your left. It keeps the traffic moving for both tourists and locals.

Rent a Storage Space

Storage spaces are found in practically every city these days. Whether it is a large metropolis or just a small town, these convenient additions to your storage needs are essential. Renting a storage unit in Washington DC before your actually move in will allow you to utilize your home’s interior space more effectively while you move in essentials. Storage spaces can help you maintain order by storing little used or seasonal items in a safe and secure locations.

For everyday storage needs, the average storage unit is a great option, but if your storage needs require a little more care, climate controlled storage in Washington DC is available. These types of storage units are ideal for antiques and valuables as they are among the most secure storage varieties.

Cherry Blossoms Blooming

Few sites are as beautiful as when trees begin to blossom in spring time. In Washington DC, cherry blossoms reign supreme and take over the entire area with their striking beauty. Late March and early April is when the landscape changes throughout Washington DC as the spectacular splendor of cherry blossoms blooming takes over. If you have yet to see this beautiful site, be on the lookout. Cherry blossoms blooming in Washington DC is a welcomed site each year and tourists as well as locals alike love to take pictures of the event.

Centrally Located for Attractions

No matter where you live and how much you love it, a break from life’s everyday routine is often necessary to rejuvenate your senses. While living in Washington DC, you will come to know that it is not merely the central hub for the United States Government, but is conveniently located centrally to some of the best getaway spots in America. Whether you are looking to enjoy the vast wineries in Virginia or wanting to take a little rest and relaxation on the beaches of Delaware, you can do it all with just a short drive from the city.

Understanding Building Height Restrictions

Living in a government centered city has its perks, but if your intent when moving to Washington DC is to build the tallest building in the area, you might want to rethink your strategy. Washington DC maintains strict height limits on buildings, both residential and commercial, so you will have to rethink that extensive high rise you have in mind. Height restrictions in the area have proven beneficial to maintaining the historical integrity within the city as well as ensuring the overall cost of living in the DC area remains on point.

Moving is always an adventure and when moving to an important city such as Washington DC, it is best to know a bit about the area before packing up the moving van. For those that want to be centrally located and at the beckon call of America’s government, there is nowhere else like Washington DC.


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