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Mirrors: where, how and when

Mirrors will help you have a central focus in any room and, incidentally, add style to the decoration. Do you dare to put one?

There is a way to beautify the spaces of your home in a simple way and that will multiply the effects of light and style exponentially: mirrors, those objects with a practical side in which you can see your daily looks and another one hundred for aesthetic that is the one that concerns us.

Discover a review of the places in your home where a mirror will be more than welcome. Learn, too, how to place them to make each environment shine.

Mirrors at home

Mirrors are a timeless, practical decorative element capable of increasing the sensation of depth and light in spaces. If you combine the right location with a beautiful design, you will be able to enhance the beauty of your environments. There are certain tricks and trends that you should know.

Where to place the mirrors

First, you must be clear about what you want to achieve with the placement of your mirrors. For example, if you have a small and dark room, you can place a mirror on one of the walls ; in this way, you will multiply the light and the feeling of spaciousness. Also, you can make it become the focus of attention by hanging it over the fireplace or above the sofa.

Another way to add depth is by making “trompe l’oeil” with the mirrors,  simulating doors and windows giving a sense of continuity in the environments where you put it.

Mirrors and Feng shui

Surely you already know very well the principles of Feng Shui , this philosophy that talks about the importance of objects, materials and how spaces are distributed so that energy flows freely and provides well-being and prosperity.

Well, mirrors are key pieces for these energies to work in your favor ; in fact, experts talk a lot about the importance of positioning them correctly. Here are some key guidelines for mirror placement for feng shui :

  • Be careful with what they reflect. They have the ability to multiply everything, so it is important that their reflection is something pleasant, never trash, clutter, documents and much less bills, you will not want your payments to increase.
  • Never place a mirror at the foot of the bed. If when you are lying down your body is reflected in the mirror, it sends the energy of the reflection back to you. And so it will be all night sending and receiving that energy, with which your rest will be affected.
  • Avoid having a mirror in front of a window so as not to drain the power.
  • Fragmented mirrors can cause disorientation – never have them if they are broken.
  • Don’t put mirrors at the end of a staircase or at the end of a hallway.  The energy that rises is bounced and goes back down, causing the chi to not flow properly.

XXL mirrors, the most romantic trend

For several seasons, mirrors in XXL format are here to stay. They are elegant and capable of becoming the focal point of any room. They’re great for the bedroom, hallway, or living room, and you just need to keep a few design basics in mind.

One trick is that if the mirror is taller than it is wide, it can be placed confidently against the wall, but if it’s wider than it is tall, you’d better hang it.

If the room where you are going to put them is too small, never put a mirror resting on the floor. Far from decorating, it will be an obstacle that hinders and subtracts meters.

From shopping to buying mirrors

Image: zarahome.com/es/

Do you want to know some of the most beautiful mirrors for your home? Some are in large format and others are smaller, so that you can decide in which of them you will decide to look at yourself.

Triptych mirror: it is from Zara Home and rests on the table. Perfect as a centerpiece of a dressing table. Thin metallic profile in gold color. Its price is € 89.99.

Wall mirror: you can find it at Zara Home at a price of € 89.99. It has a profile made of wood and can be anchored to the wall.

Gold: three round gold metal mirrors to give your home a very sophisticated and modern touch. You find them in Maisons du monde and their price is € 349.90.

Mirrors will be your best decoration allies if you learn to make smart use of them. On the wall, on a piece of furniture or resting on the floor, they will give you a lot of alternatives. Decorate each space with them and multiply the beauty, light and style of your home by two times three.

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