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Medicine for Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is a condition of discomfort due to pain or cramps in the abdominal region. This pain is also called abdominal pain and stomachache. The abdominal area extends from our ribs to the pelvis. Do you want to know the causes of stomach pain? And what is the best medication for its treatment? Stay active and continue reading!

Causes of Stomach Pain

Stomach pain usually arises due to any of the following reasons:

  • Inflammation
  • Disorder in digestive passage
  • Inappropriate working of any organ
  • Infection
  • Bacterial or viral attacks
  • Stomach acidity
  • Intestinal outgrowths

Medication for Stomach Pain

How Does the Stomach Pain Feel?

 If the disease is diagnosed properly, Proper medication is suggested. The process of diagnosis somehow includes a proper description of the affected patient to the doctor. Most stomach patients cannot do so. Stomach pain can be localized pain or cramp-like pain.

Localized Pain

Localized pain is normally confined to one area. It means, this happens due to some obstacle in the normal functioning of an organ inside our abdomen. This type of pain is mostly seen in ulcers. The mucus lining of the stomach is affected by excessive acid production. And, pepsin (protein-digesting enzyme) starts the digestion of the stomach wall.

A Cramp-like Pain

This type of pain feels like a wave moving in or abdominal region. It typically occurs in constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and farting (intestinal gas). In females, this situation casually arises during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, miscarriage, and other complexities in the reproductive system.

Chronic Stomach Pain

 The pain that lasts for 2 months or more is defined as chronic stomach pain. This pain is often caused as a result of other syndromes, may be associated with the gastrointestinal tract. It is normally difficult for a doctor to diagnose the exact factor causing the pain.


For Normal Situations

  • Drugs for cholesterol and the heart are normally hypotensive. They can upset the stomach as well, causing pain. One must tell his/her doctor and get medication.
  • In case of stomach pains due to constipation, diphtheria, and other such problems, affected persons are given the following instructions;
  • Increase the water uptake.
  • Avoid lying down straightly.
  • Use a pillow to lift your upper body at a tilted angle.
  • Don’t take a nap just after a meal.
  • Walk at least 20 steps after a meal.

For Emergencies

  • When you feel a stomachache and difficulty in breathing accompanied by nausea.
  • When you feel a sudden acute pain in the right side of your belly. This might be an appendix issue.
  • When a lady is pregnant and feels cramps or any vaginal discharge.

OTC medication

  • In pain due to constipation, stool softening agents or a few lenitiveare prescribed.
  • In stomachaches by acidity, anti-acid agents are taken. 
  • For cramps caused by menstrual cycles and other gastrointestinal infections, various painkillers are either injected into the body or prescribed as an oral drug.
Home remedies

There is a list of home remedies suggested for stomach pain. The main motto of these home remedies is to avoid the major causes of stomach pain at the first step. So, people with stomach pain problems are instructed to take their meals on time. Eat little, give your stomach a proper time for digestion, and then eat next. Avoid spices and chew your bite completely, before swallowing it.

The use of lemongrass or any sort of keyway is found to be effective for people suffering from gastric issues. It facilitates digestive activity. The use of Chamomile or peppermint tea aids you with gas problems and constipation.

Ajmal Dawa khana is well known for supplying herbal medicines that help reduce jaryan problem.


Stomach pain is normal for individuals suffering from having a weak stomach. They can simply take their regular pain killers to lower the pain. But if someone feels a sudden stomachache, he/she should consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and medication. It is common for females to suffer from stomach pain in specific conditions. They can take any pain killer medicine with light potency. Others may take lenitive depending upon their condition.


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