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Mars Transit in Pisces – Golden Ticket to Fortune – Mangal Gochar 2022

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, is a friend of Mars. These natives are intensely religious and never stray away from the line of control they draw between others of the opposite gender and themselves. They are pious souls who believe in spirituality. Scriptures are their guiding beacons in life. However, they are entangled in confusion at times and confuse others with an equally vague response. These natives crave overseas visits and love to set up residence there. They are forever optimistic when it comes to love relationships. Let’s study the impact of Mars Transit in Pisces on different moon signs.

मंगल का मीन राशि में गोचर

 They have shining ideals for love and relationships and often overlook the practical problems that love life can bring until the issues precipitate, and they are neck-deep in trouble.  


They are sensitive to a fault and emotional to the limits. These people respond to others’ emotions beautifully as their intuition and sensitivity work overtime and let them get the drift of the situation and responses. Mars in Pisces has an artistic bent of mind and exhibits a passion for music and creative arts. These they consider vehicles that carry their feelings, converting them into a surreal experience finally. Mars in Pisces gifts the native with unique qualities,

The watery sign Pisces washes down the fiery outbursts of Mars and leaves the native pragmatic to such an extent that they weigh their words before they speak. Pisces sincerely follows his conscience, and when he does not defend himself in an attack, he is holding his emotions for a greater cause so that it aligns with the schematic plan of the universe. 

Pisceans are a case of unconditional love. Self-made, courageous, and impulsive, the native’s destiny is to live far away from their birthplace. They may also take an overseas residence if this planet is in the third drekkan. This positioning forebodes evil for their children, who will either not do well in life or be short-lived. Delayed marriage, extramarital affairs, and disappointments in love are an expected part of their life. Just like the life events, the personality of the native with Mars in Meena Rashi can be very interesting.

Is Mars good in Pisces? 

These natives can dominate others using their psychic powers. You can often see them enrolling into any secret group or society. They need to stay in calm and quiet surroundings and complete solitude to achieve anything they dream of. 

In the first half of their lifespan, you can see an element of frivolity and risk-taking in their lives. The other half is what makes them memorable, as they struggle to achieve their ideals and dedicate themselves to family and their duties. The native is usually destined to have a long-suffering unfortunate mother/sister. Although they appear cool and relaxed from the exterior, they have anxieties. There is also a tendency to be an alcoholic. Overall, Mars is good in Pisces, provided that the planetary influence is supportive. You need first to study the timing of Mars gochar to proceed further. 

What is the timing for Mangal Gochar?

As per Vedic Astrology, Mars has an intrinsic association with surgeons, the military, fire personnel, engineers, and realtors. Mars would cruise over to Pisces from the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Pisces, in an outward sense, represents duality and controversy. Diplomats and empaths are the two categories of people that benefit from this combination. At least, it forces the Piscean to force himself through a blindfolded channel shown by Mars. Hence, the Pisces will feel oppressed.

Mars transits over Pisces on May 17, 2022, at 9.52 AM and stays here until it moves to its own sign Aries on June 27, 2022, at 6 AM. The impact of the mars transit over Pisces is very engaging and useful to astrologers and querents alike, as per Mangal GocharNow, the main question is, “how could Mars impact the native when transiting to Pisces?”

What are the effects of Mars Transit in Pisces?

Mars transit in Pisces occurs on May 17, 2022. He induces major transformations and brings on challenges and opportunities. The immune power of the native is to be seen by the placement of Mars as he is fiery and a god of war. Vedic astrology says that mars carry energy, and you can decide about the immunity of a native by the placement of Mars in his horoscope. 

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Mars is the significator of war, collapse, and chaos. He stands for dynamism and adventure as he is masculine. Mars, favorably placed in the chart, lets him explore new knowledge and come up with innovations. The native is after new beginnings for which he has an unquenchable thirst. Monotony in work-life annoys him, and the native is prepared to leave the scene if the job spells boredom. He has umpteen things to inspire them, and they would pursue them to attain happiness. A thorough understanding of the effects of Mars transit in Pisces can give us fresh insights and facts. 

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