Majestic Mussoorie- The Right Owner of the Title of 'Queen of the Hills'

There is always an aesthetic aura in Northern India as far as hills are concerned. You would feel it by climbing up the Mussoorie the queen of hills through diamond-cut roads, serene coolness, and mystic air. The high-altitude region of Mussoorie has a lot to make you realize why it is called The Queen of Hills.

It is situated in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The Hill station Mussoorie comes under the ‘Grand Garhwal’ Himalayan range. You will also find a military cantonment within Greater Mussoorie. It takes away the daily schedule and hipping stress of life. In return, you will get a plethora of beauty with a peaceful mind. Sometimes, our soul also urges for refreshment through a short or long trip. In that essence, it is very significant to visit these places. Who does not want to enjoy chilled air and serene beauty to get unworldly peace?

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Majestic Mussoorie- The Right Owner of the Title of 'Queen of the Hills'

How to reach Mussoorie?

You may reach the visiting places in Mussoorie via Dehradun where a lot of buses and taxis are held. You will enjoy the trip directly from Dehradun.

You can also do a convenient trip directly from Delhi.

You may have read about two famous shrines Gangotri and Yamunotri in North India. Well, Mussoorie is the gateway between them.

In Dehradun, you will gaze through the deer parks where you would find a few deer in regular intervals, and sometimes you will find caged Cheetah.

Best time to visit the hill station Mussoorie:

You may visit here from March to September except in July to avoid torrential rains there. If You are fond of nature and beauty, Mussoorie is the ideal place.

There are many visiting places in Mussoorie to have a feast of amusement. See the places in detail below.

Kempty Falls:

This waterfall has a great fanbase as it is only thirteen km away from Dehradun. Although it becomes crowded, it cannot be skipped anymore. The flowing of water is quite faster in the valley and it gets maximum speed at Monsoon.

Gun Hill:

As the name suggests, there was a gun in the pre-independence of India. It is known as one of the most adventurous Mussoorie mountains to get an exhilarating experience. You will surely enjoy its forty-minute walk.

The main fact about this Hills is there was a gun fired at 12’o noon to help locales manage their timing.

Mall Road:

If you like jogging or walking over the valley, there is nothing more special than Mall Road. The food stalls, architectural buildings, and tourists crowding are the main features of this area.

There is also a buffet market from where you may purchase woolen garments and indigenous shawls at an affordable cost.

It is a historic place which is already known to us.

Camel’s Back Street:

Well, it looks like Camel’s hump as it is named after it. This is the ideal place to hang out and spend special moments with your partner.

Benog Sanctuary:

It is a part of ‘Rajaji National Park’ and home to many rare bird species. You would find mountain quails, blue magpies, and many other birds you have never seen before. You must not skip this place if your main motive is to enjoy wildlife and nature.

You may explore it by walking, hiking, trekking, or in other ways. It will be nice to walk four hours from Library. You will feel lucky to spot deer, mountain goats, Himalayan bears, leopards, panthers are there.


Hence you got the point on why it is called the queen of hills. It is a place of wonders with nature lovers. It will make you feel like a king by solving complex challenges of life. Instead of regular slogging, you may choose the easy time here to captivate the aura of romance, eternity, and peace.

Written by Alok Kumar