Mahabar sand dunes

The City Barmer of the State of Rajasthan is a treasure chest of Rajasthan ‘s indigenous culture , customs, arts and language, bragging about the Rajasthani ethnic culture, setting your imaginations on fire and extending a totally enthralling experience.

Because of the adventures like desert safari and camel riding, the sand dunes of Rajasthan give you a completely different feeling. To blow your mind off with the enthralling experience of the deserts of Barmer, you must visit Mahabar Sand Dunes.

Best place for Sand dune outing – Mahabar sand dunes

About Mahabar Sand Dunes-Barmer is 5 kilometres away from the spectacular Mahabar Sand Dunes. The glorious dry sand opens up the baby hidden within every human. Whatever your imagination can imagine, one can enjoy desert adventures like desert safari and camel rides and many other adventures.


Hotel near sand dunes in rajasthan – Sanchal Fort

Sanchal Fort is criss-crossed by the golden sand dunes of Mahabar. Each wind raft knocks the door on the canvas of Thar Desert, reciting its poetry trying to leave its mark, which is often dissolved by time and time again trying to express something unknown.

The desert is sculpted by the winds that pass through the arena, and the dunes continue to move and adjust their positions and patterns, giving the beholder the most majestic and picturesque sight. Although the desert is a barren area, from a whole other side of the view is viewed the beauty of nature. The elegance of Barmer’s Mahabar Sand Dunes is truly admirable.

Weekend Tour Destinations in Rajasthan

The Barmer Mahabar sand dunes are known for desert safaris and camel trips. In these sand dunes, the desert safari is worth a try. A desert fair or ‘mahotsav’ is held each year in the month of March, which is famous for its camel races and camel rides.

Camel Ride Barmer

If you visit Barmer in March, you do not miss attending this fair. This makes this sand resort the largest tourist spot in the Sand Dunes of Barmer Mahabar. In the light of sun rays, the golden sand dazzling gives a bewitching sight in the day, while at night the sand gives an eerie yet romantic feeling by changing its colour to grey to moonlight.

You will enjoy Camel Safari best here, which will make the stay more unforgettable. These sand dunes, dancing to the winds, roaming from one location to another, are a tourist attraction. The sand dunes are just a stone’s throw away from the hotel and Sanchal Fort itself owns some of them privately. For shutterbugs, the Sunrise or Sunset walk to the sand dunes is highly recommended.

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