From the moment someone is born, they are being taught something. When to cry, when to ask for help, when to be angry, and several other things. Parents, teachers, inspirations, everyone is teaching us something important, intentionally, and unintentionally.

However, probably the most important thing a person forgets to learn and pick unless reminded is to love oneself. Loving oneself is equally; in fact, more important than loving anyone else. If a person doesn’t love himself, he would lack several other attributes, including self-belief, confidence, self-esteem, respect, worth, along with so much more. 

This is where the problem lies; where people forget that putting themselves first is always the priority. Admiring oneself knows no limits and no boundaries. Everything begins with loving yourself, and the rest starts falling into place. But this is what people often forget. 

Thankfully, the world is blessed with amazing artists, who make it a point to help people learn the importance of loving yourself. One such artist is ESKOH, the advocate of “Every Situation Kan Offer Hope” and a firm believer in the power of self-love. 


Born and raised in New York, ESKOH comes from a South-Korean descend. Birth named Sean Koh; the musical inspiration aims at spreading the message of self-love to his listeners across the world. 

This R&B and Hip-Hop star create music, not just because he wants to spread awareness about self-love, but also because he wants to help people, especially those who are struggling in life. ESKOH believes that without hope, an individual has no purpose of moving forward in life, and the only solution they see is to give up. He believes that without hope, people are capable of ruining their own lives. This is why he has made it his goal to pair his beautiful voice with touching lyrics that can help move people, and be hopeful about something. ESKOH wants to “balance the equation,” combining his dulcet voice and powerful lyrics.

ESKOH’S track, “Beautiful Lady,” is proof that his music is anything but ordinary. The song is a call of empowerment for everyone, especially women because they often forget what they are truly capable of.  

ESKOH says, “I want to use my music to help women feel their immeasurable worth, potential, to develop a vision, build confidence and courage to live out their dreams.” 

ESKOH was passionate about music from the very start, and he knew that music holds power to do something extraordinary. The aspiring artist was just 16 when he released his gospel album, (name of album), and immediately began touring across Asia and America. He founded Koheret Records, a record label, when he turned 18 and has been helping underground artists gain recognition since then. 

ESKOH has released several tracks, including “Baby It’s You,” “Only Option,” and “Do-Rite,” each of which has something unique and new to offer the listeners. 

 As of today, he is working on releasing new tracks, Dem Nuh Ready- featuring Sean Paul, and Soon Come, with the hope to spread positivity and eliminate despair from the world!


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