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Every traveler who at least once was going on a road trip on a rental car wondered which model to choose. Yes, car journeys are gaining more and more popularity, and there are good reasons for that.

This way of travel has a number of advantages over other transport solutions: they include mobility, freedom of schedule, no dependence on public transport, and unlimited amount of luggage.

The right car is the key to a successful journey, and it’s very important to find the car that suits your needs best. Sedan, SUV, minivan, station wagon or convertible …let’s take a look at the most popular vehicle types you can rent to make the right choice in the future! Don’t worry if you don’t have a vast driving experience, car rental under 25 for the listed vehicles are also available.

Sedan or Hatchback

The sedan body style is the most popular of all car body options. Such a car has four doors and two full rows of seats. The tailgate is missing – the sedan has a trunk lid instead.

The sedan looks elegant and personable. With all its appearance, it shows that this car was created for the transport of passengers. In general, the sedan really looks solid, especially the cars of the executive F-class.

The main purpose of sedans is to travel in the city and on the highways, thus sedans, as a rule, feature quite small ground clearance and are not adapted for off-road. The disadvantages also include not the most spacious trunk and insufficiently spacious interior.

Station wagon

This type of car body is the most practical option. Station wagons are usually the same length as sedans, but in addition to that, they also have a vertical tailgate. Thus, the volume of the trunk of a station wagon is at least twice the volume of the trunk of a sedan of the same make and model.

The station wagon is suitable for everyone who is interested in practicality and the spaciousness of the car. The fans of travel and long road trips will be able to appreciate the convenience of the station wagon because the huge trunk of the vehicle allows you to easily place all the bags and suitcases in it. The family man will be satisfied with his station wagon rental car, having easily placed a stroller and many other things.

Optimal fuel consumption, good trunk and passenger compartment capacity, as well as excellent maneuverability, make station wagons an ideal choice for traveling. But such cars are poorly adapted for off-road.

Roadster or Convertible

Roadster and convertible are exotic body types, and they are similar in that both have a folding roof. At the same time, convertibles, like coupes, have two rows of seats. Such a car usually has a stylish look and is perfect if you are a young and ambitious traveler. 

The advantages of the roadster and convertible include the ability to fold down the roof and ride with the breeze. Keep in mind that these cars are mainly suitable for the summer season, but in places like California, Florida, and Texas you can rent it even in winter due to the warm climate.


The minivan is characterized by all the advantages of the station wagon, but they are expressed even more clearly. The minivan has even more spaciousness, and the luggage compartment allows you to load almost anything into it. Many modern minivan models are also equipped with a third row of seats, and are called 7-seaters. Having two additional passenger seats can be a good plus if you like to travel by car with a large family or a company of friends.

Most travelers consider the high seating position characteristic of minivans to be a benefit, because the driver has a much better view, and in the event of an accident, those who sits higher is more protected. In addition, minivans are also safer because they are heavier than conventional cars.


The SUV body type is the same station wagon, but much higher and endowed with increased cross-country ability. It’s the cross-country ability that is the main advantage of an SUV compared to other body types.

In order to achieve such features, the body type of an SUV differs from a station wagon in two essential parameters. Firstly, the body of an SUV is always taller, and it’s characterized by a high seating position. Secondly, SUVs always have a high ground clearance – 18-22 cm or more.

By the way, SUVs are very different in size. They can be divided into compact, medium and full-size. The difference between them is about the same as between a sedan and a station wagon – the longer the SUV, the harder it is to drive, the heavier it is, and the higher the fuel consumption.

We hope our short review will help you in choosing the best rental car. So, plan your trip and hit the road!


The minibus body type is the same van, but without a cargo compartment – it’s fully equipped for comfortable transportation of passengers. The interior of a minibus differs from a minivan in higher ceilings and a large number of seats. A person of average height can stand at full height in a minibus, and there are from 9 to 16 seats in total. 

It’s recommended to rent a minibus if you need more space for passengers and a lot of space for personal belongings. What’s more, the free minibus seats can also be used for your bags.


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