Looking for Ceiling Fans Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

The summer season is fast approaching and many of us would be looking to buy a new and efficient ceiling fan for our homes. But considering the countless number of options available in the market, buying the right fan can be a bit daunting. And just in case you have less knowledge about ceiling fans, and this is the first time you would be buying one, chances are that you might just end up buying any ceiling fan. To help, in this post, we list a few important points that you must keep in mind when looking for a ceiling fan online.

1. Buy a fan on the basis of your room’s decor.

Ceiling fans are one of the most important decor items in any space. So it is important that you choose a ceiling fan that goes with the decor of your room.  One of the ways to go about choosing a ceiling fan is to ask yourself what decorating style is your room’s decor – minimalist, traditional, contemporary, rustic or any other. Based on that, look for a fan that compliments your room’s decor. Similarly, identify the predominant color of your room and choose a fan accordingly. For example, if you want to give your room an eclectic touch then bring home the Rio Novo from Luminous India or go for the Jaipur Tamra if you want to give your room a royal look.

2. Make sure the fan is energy-efficient.

The energy crisis is a growing concern. A large part of the country still remains in the dark because of the lack of power supply in those regions. In a situation like this, as responsible citizens of our country, we need to take steps that help save energy so that it can reach out to those who need it more. One of the ways to do this is to invest in energy-efficient fans that consume far less power as compared to the traditional ones. In fact, installing an energy-efficient fan also helps us with our personal interest of saving big on our energy bills. For instance, installing energy-efficient fans such as the New York Chelsea from Luminous India allows people to consume 40% less energy.

3. Look for a fan with the latest smart-fan features

Smart is the new norm. Be it smartphones, smartwatches, or any smart glasses, the world’s getting smarter. The ceiling fans, too, have evolved and several brands are now introducing their own smart fans. These smart fans are wi-fi enabled which lets the user control and monitor a fan from wherever they are. For example, the Audie by Luminous India comes with three control options (remote, smartphone app, and voice control) that allow users to control their fans without having to walk up to the switchboard. So if you are looking for a ceiling fan, do consider buying a smart fan that will make life easier.

4. Compare different fans on the basis of their air delivery.

Air delivery is one of the most important things that one must keep in mind when looking for a ceiling fan. Usually, people focus on the price of the ceiling fan or they buy one based on the fan’s speed or sweep size. But that’s not the right way of buying a ceiling fan. The best parameter to determine a ceiling fan’s performance is air delivery which is represented in CMM (Cubic Meters per Minute). The higher the air delivery, the more the cooling. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for a standard size living room or bedroom, a ceiling fan with an air delivery between 200 to 230 CMM would be good enough.

To Conclude

Many people base their ceiling fan buying decision on the price of the ceiling fan. While some of them believe that the costlier the fan, the better it is, there are others who think all fans are the same and so they opt for the cheapest fan available on the market. We, however, recommend you to focus on the above-mentioned points and the brand that you buy from. Luminous India, for instance, is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying ceiling fans. The best part is that they offer a  wide range of beautiful and energy-efficient fans at reasonably low prices.

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