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Lifelong Learning

Recently, I’ve been making research on how life-long learning affects the economy of a particular country. Well, there is plenty of information saying that life-long learning is based on the strategy of growth in almost every country in Europe.

Education or learning as a whole, no matter it’s in a school or university have a great influence on every person’s life. Not only is it a preparation for his professional realisation, but also gives him a wide range of skills. Those could be communication skills, logic, understanding of time and timing and so on. Well, it could be a hard job to learn on your own, so that governments have created the educational system and are trying to involve as many people as they can.

So, life-long learning opens many personal and business opportunities in front of a particular person.  It covers all purposefully learning activities, no matter if they are formal or informal. Life-long learning gives an opportunity to live a dynamic life during which you build yourselves as a personality and a professional.

There are many concepts on life-long learning. They’ve been developing for years. Here are some of them which I’ve managed to find.

Well, life-long learning is a current topic since 1990. There we many debates on learning. Many people appreciated learning only if it happens in a formal situation such as education in schools or universities. So, those who supported the concept of life-long learning prefer saying that our community is constantly learning during its whole life.

During the 20 century, there was a short-term business plan that affected the academic issues and not efforts on informing the mass. Also, most of the educators were not striving to receive new pieces of knowledge. So, as you see that concept was not towards the overall education but to some specific.

And when it comes to lifelong learning in the 21 venture there is a great improvement. People are more interested in receiving additional qualifications in order to adapt themselves to the fast-growing technologies and business. Due to experts’ opinion, people should take more life explaining lessons so that they make a connection between their lives and business.

So, as I’ve mentioned before the government has its influence in accumulating knowledge and skills in a person. For that aim, they’ve created a strategy for lifelong learning that place some missions and goals which they have to achieve. You can search for that strategy of your country and be familiar with all opportunities you have.

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