Learn To Edit A Youtube Video In 8 Steps

Whether you are creating a video highlight reel for wishing your loved ones a happy birthday or doing a professional project like a short film, editing plays a vital role in adding value to your shot.

Think about filming as collecting raw data or to edit a YouTube video as putting it into a coherent whole to make it more meaningful. Editing makes your video a work-or-art and gives it the final touch by connecting all the dots.

At the beginner’s level, editing is a simple process that requires you to use your creativity and follow some basic rules. In this article, we shall discuss the fundamental steps of how to edit a YouTube video using one of the most user-friendly video editors- Hashcut.

  1. Identify Your Project And Video Editor

The first thing you need to do is recognize what kind of video you are editing and the aim. For example, if it’s a documentary, you will need more complicated software than the one required to edit a family video for personal uses.

Some famous video clippers and editors are:


Apple Final Cut Pro X



Moreover, pay attention to whether your hardware is compatible with the complexity of the software. Here, we shall focus on Hashcut only, since it is an open-source platform, available for everyone to use online.

  1. Find The Video 

Sign in to your Hashcut account and find the video that needs to be edited. You can either search the video in Hashcut or copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it in the video clipper’s search bar

  1. Start Editing!

Once you find your video that needs editing, you can start with the procedure. In Hashcut, you can quickly trim the videos, add stickers and text overlays, and merge clips into a single video using mash-up.

How To Trim Videos

When your video gets opened in the Hashcut app, you will be able to see the option of “Start Recording” once you hit the play button. Set you played at the starting point from where you need your trimmed video to begin and select “Start Recording”.

Next, drag the playhead to the timestamp where the video should end and click “End Recording”.

How To Add Stickers and Text

Below the video, you will see the options of “Add Text” and “Add Sticker” on the right side. Click on the former and start typing. Next, select the latter option and browse through the various animations to insert the one that pleases you the most.

  1. Step Back And Take A Look

Using the “Preview” option, watch the entire edited video and if everything seems fair, finish the project using the “Save Hashcut” video!


Becoming a good editor requires you to take up new projects and practice your skills vigorously. Only through practical experience can you hone yourself up and learn different features, effects, and balance between them to create a worthy project.

 Lastly, never stop experimenting and watching other videos to gain knowledge to unbox your creativity.


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