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Learn How to Add Signature in Yahoo Mail

Adding a signature in Yahoo Mail not only helps email recipients to identify and know detailed information about you, it also adds professionalism to your email. If your Yahoo Mail account has not been set with an email at the bottom of each of your email, then you can add it and if it is already set, you can change it to a new one. Read on to explore how to add signature in Yahoo Mail.

Stepwise Process To Add Signature in Yahoo Mail

Whether you use Yahoo Mail in a web browser or from the Yahoo Mail, app, you can add a signature to it by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. To start with how to add signature in Yahoo Mail, first, open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Visit www.yahoomail.com and then log into your Yahoo Mail account using the appropriate login credentials.
  3. Click on the Settings icon located at the top-right hand side.
  4. Click on Writing Email and then toggle the button to enable or disable a signature on Yahoo Mail.
  5. On the right-hand side, enter your Yahoo Mail signature in the text box.
  6. If a signature is already there, you can edit it and add more information.
  7. Once you add or change the Yahoo Mail signature, click on Apply at the bottom of the page.

At last, you can log out of your Yahoo Mail account and start composing an email anew. You will notice that the newly set Yahoo Mail signature appears at the bottom of your email.

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