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Learn About Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a process that melts plastic granites and then inject the liquid plastic into the mold cavity to make custom plastic products. The molded plastic part will soon solidify and cool down, then it will be released from the mold to finish an injection cycle. Plastic injection molding is very common as the plastic products have been so popular ever since the invention of plastics. All kinds of daily custom-made plastic boxes, appliance cases, custom plastic watch boxes, candy boxes and small plastic storage boxes, etc., just to name some, as there are too many of possible plastic products.

Basic components of an injection machine

Basically, every injection machine, whatever its tonnage and brands etc., contains such 3 components as follows!  A plastic mold (built of steel) which is custom built to generate any desired shape and size. A clamping unit that clamps and holds the mold combine all through the full process. And an injection unit will then inject molten plastic into the mold, where it will stay until it has sufficiently chilled and released.

Injection molding process

The plastic injection molding is computer controlled and raw plastic material is injected into steel molds to generate custom plastic parts and many of the plastic items we use every day. The equipment injects warm plastic into the mold and cools the plastic and extracts the parts. The molding equipment of today makes big production of plastic parts easy and cost effective.

Today, plastic injection molding manufacturers use horizontal and vertical presses, injection screw presses, hydraulic presses and electric presses for whatever rate of force is required to complete the produce force to form. This process generates everything from vehicle parts to wholesale candy boxes.

Plastic injection’s future

Nowadays, plastics has been drawing some criticism due to the deteriorating environmental pollution! However, plastic products won’t fade away and plastic injection molding won’t be weeded out! But they do need restructuring and more sustainable development! Anyway, plastic injection molding is an extremely creative process which has created many helpful products that we use every single day in our households, and will continue to do so in future. While the use of plastics and disposal of plastic wastes need better and wise administration, the future of injection molding is changing its focus to the mold and mold parts. High tech plastic molds can be made of epoxy, metal or carbon fiber and can rise output via quicker cooling times and cycle times.

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