USA Car Rental Trip: When and Where to Go With Your Kids?

A family road trip to the USA is always an exciting adventure. Modern sparkling skyscrapers in New York, white sandy beaches in California, breathtaking amusement parks in Florida and wild cowboy ranches in Texas – America has plenty of places to enjoy with the kids.

The geographical scale of the United States and the sufficient development of domestic tourism have prepared a perfect basis for an excellent family trip. You just have to choose the appropriate transport, place and time for your journey.

A large selection of 7 passenger vehicles for rent in the USA makes finding a comfortable car for your trip easy. However, where to go and what to see with children? No worries! You have a multiple choice of interesting destinations to visit depending on the season…


  • December. This is the busiest month for travelers to the United States. This is the time of preparation for the holidays and the events themselves. The temperature is quite comfortable for children, except for Alaska, where it’s too cold in winter. 

On the other hand, Florida invites you to warmth suitable for long trips. Rent a car and drive to Miami, Orlando, Tampa or Key West. The central cities of the United States at this time resemble the filming locations of the “Home Alone” family film.

  • January. How to spend your time in January? Ski resorts in Utah or Colorado can be great options. By the way, many Colorado resorts are located near Denver, and you can easily get to them in your rental car. There will be a lot of snow and not very frosty, which are just perfect conditions for a family trip with kids.

If you plan to visit Florida or California – take beach accessories to for everyone. A mild winter awaits young sightseers in large cities – in the less-crowded museums in Chicago and the famous destinations in New York.

  • February. The last winter month in the United States can meet you with torrential rains in the south and snow-covered slopes in Squaw Valley. Children will feel like Olympic athletes on the snowy tracks of the popular Salt Lake City resort. In Miami, the swimming season continues in the warm ocean.


  • March. This period is the best time to catch a glimpse of Arizona before the heat starts, and explore blooming America with children. It’s an unforgettable experience when you see plants peeking out from under the stones. 

You can also see the second sultry beauty – South Carolina. If you plan to take your kids for a walk in the central cities, you need to focus on cool and dry temperatures.

  • April. In April, even Alaska becomes more hospitable and warm, while New York pleases families with a stable +18˚C, suitable for leisurely walks along the streets. Although there are sharp changes and it’s better to have sets of children’s clothing for the cold and mild weather. If it rains, you can wait it out at one of the popular museums.

Another great way to spend your time is visiting national parks. Rent a car and choose one of the California wild spots to see the beauty of the blossoming nature. As for Florida, it continues to host families on its sunny coastline.

  • May. May in America features a wide range of temperatures: from modest +16˚C in the northern states, to +30˚ on the beaches of Florida. This is the hottest season for traveling in the United States with children. Someone is trying to take advantage of the last cool days to explore Arizona, but Louisiana is still available. In May, you can also go to Atlanta, which delights with a temperate climate.


  • June. In June, the weather officially opens the beach season in the US oceanfront. The comfortable water temperature will make swimming enjoyable wherever you go. Families often travel to national parks to admire America’s vibrant nature.

  • July. The second summer month is the most expensive travel time. Temperatures even in Alaska are warm. Miami’s water parks are full of kids and adults, while rodeo season begins in Texas.

  • August. This is the best time for water activities, including visits to water parks. The northern states of America are a place where you can hide from the heat. Pick up your rental car and go to the mountains, lakes and national parks.


  • September. Warm September allows you to continue a beach holiday in both oceans, but more comfortable and cool weather invites families on excursions. It’s time to go on a road trip in your rental car to show children the secret spots of the United States.

  • October. October will gild New York and Chicago, filling childhood memories with romantic cityscapes. The rains will start by the end of the month, so hurry up to see everything that you planned.

  • November. This is the most difficult month for traveling with children in the United States. In anticipation of cold weather, the weather changes very quickly, and it becomes rainy. It’s recommended to travel to the southernmost states.


Written by Angelika