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Know Why MERV Ratings Are Very Necessary for Any AC!

While looking for an air conditioner, homeowners tend to look for various factors in which filtration is among the important ones as they need to know which filter will be needed by them. Among all other queries and factors, they’re also keen to know about the MERV ratings and it’s main functions. However, they have a great challenge in deciding the filter among them as there are different ratings, types, and brands associated with them.

To define, MERV refers to “minimum efficiency reporting value” and is a rating used to measure the effectiveness of a filter of how well it removes particles from the air passing through it. It is said that a greater MERV rating indicates a more efficient filtration by the AC. But, if filters go beyond the MERV rating, it will affect the energy efficiency of the system thus leading to more expensive problems such as looking for AC Replacement Parts and many more concerns.

Here are different MERV ratings that affect the filtration:

MERV 6-8: AC systems with such ratings are among the cheapest ones and provide very little efficiency. Although they protect the AC system but are not much effective at trapping larger airborne particles. MERV 6 rating filters are among the in-budget categories and provide the needed efficiency for houses that don’t have furry pets.

MERV 8-10: Air filters with these ratings are commonly used in residential premises and are quite affordable. Moreover, such air filters are also an affordable option for people suffering from some or other allergy. Also, these AC’s catch a maximum of large particles and very few particles that are smaller. To add, a MERV 8-10 filter is worth the cost if homeowners aren’t looking for a much expensive high-quality furnace filter. 

MERV 11-13: AC systems with these ratings are quite efficient at trapping approximately all the large particles along with the smaller ones and pets as well. However, air filters with MERV 13 are viewed as the best ones when it’s about the residential HVAC systems. Also, these filters are extremely effective at killing a higher realm of particles along with bacteria, smoke, and some viruses. They’re the best for people who have illness issues because of AC Parts USA and require a very clean and hygienic environment.

MERV 14 and higher: HVAC systems with these ratings are quite bulky, largely designed for extensive filtration processes such as medical facilities. Also, air filters that have MERV ratings beyond 13 tend to limit airflow as they have minute pores to trap miniature-size particles. An air filter with MERV 14 or higher rating can lead to more resistance in airflow as compared to a residential HVAC system.

Filters that have higher MERV ratings may eliminate great harmful contaminants from the home but tend to diminish the quality of breathing air. In nutshell, before looking or selecting higher-efficiency Air Conditioning Parts such as air filters, it gets necessary to keep in mind that the filter and furnace of any HVAC system must work together in harmony.

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