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Keys for a chic decoration at low cost

It seems impossible, but it is not. You can have a chic decoration like this from forsimplytech in your home without needing to pawn your most precious goods. Do you want to find out how?

Getting the house of your dreams on a tight budget is not as complicated as it sounds. You just have to put into practice some basic interior design ideas and enhance your sense of taste by looking for inspiration on the internet. In less than you imagine, you will achieve that chic decoration at a low cost.

Follow these keys and you will be ready to make your spaces look like a magazine and,   best of all, without leaving a fortune on it. Are you ready for the lesson?

Achieve a chic decoration at low cost

Say yes to wallpaper

There is nothing more chic than putting wallpaper in one of the rooms of your house. There are real works of art and you can find wonderful designs at a great price, like this one by Leroy Melin with which you will give a botanical air to your environment.

If you don’t want to go over budget, just wallpaper the wall of the sofa and the effect will be just as powerful, especially if you opt for a design as spectacular as this one.

Bet on rugs for a chic decoration at a low cost

Image: amazon.es

A rug is a very effective way to make your home cozier and more stylish depending on the design you choose. 

You can put one with a geometric print or make an original composition like one of the ones that we tell you in this article about how to combine the rugs.

Good lighting 

Image: amazon.es

There is nothing more stylish and sophisticated than having good lighting at home. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, your spaces will gain the feeling of a richer environment.

Opt for lights that attract attention, both for the ceiling, floor or table, special enough to be the protagonists. Use indirect light to fill in the set and, if you can, add a voltage regulator. These are quite inexpensive and give a lot of play. 

Incorporates handcrafted details

The difference lies in the originality and, thanks to the work of the artisans, you can incorporate pieces that give your home a very sophisticated look. Quiet! Not all of them are priced through the roof; there are many emerging artists trying to make their work known at very affordable prices. This September 4 parts composed of two dishes, a bowl and a cup made encephalic by Nona Bruna is beautiful.

The magic of gold

Image: amazon.es

The golden color is a symbol of wealth and, therefore, it is essential to bring that touch that you are looking for to your spaces. Here, the only premise is that you use it in moderation because you could cause the opposite effect.

An antique to achieve a chic decoration at a low cost 

Incorporating an antique piece is a super effective way to transform a space. By the way, it will make your house beautiful and different; sounds great, don’t you think?

You can find true wonders in flea markets and if you search well, you will find pieces with character without your budget skyrocketing.

Bet on color 

Image: beliani.ch

Although the minimalist and white spaces have become fashionable thanks to the Scandinavian decoration, the truth is that adding a touch of color makes the environments gain in sophistication.

We suggest you go for a dark shade like maroon or teal and use it on one of the walls or, better yet, on a sofa. You will feel part of a Hollywood movie.

As you have seen, getting a chic decoration at a low cost is not as complex as it initially seems. Just add a few strategically planned touches to achieve the magic.

Do not give up having spaces that fill you one hundred percent. With your imagination and these tips, you can do everything.

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