Keeping Your Car Safe: A Complete Guide

Whether you own a classic car that’s always appreciating in value, or you’re the proud owner of a newer vehicle that cost you a great deal when you first purchased it, you’re always going to be interested in the safety and security of your vehicle. Every scrape, scuff, knock or dent will take away from the value of your car, while larger issues could spell the end of its engine altogether. So, in this complete guide, we’ll walk you through what you can do to keep your car safe and sound at all times in 2022 and beyond.


Before we even think about the outside cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, we should first focus on the internal combustion engine. It’s here that the most valuable components reside, and so it’s also here that you’ll be most keen to maintain and oil parts. If you’re not a mechanically minded individual, take your beloved vehicle for a check-up and retune once every six months – and more regularly if it’s old or you believe it’s beginning to experience wear and tear in the engine. Spotting and dealing with engine issues early will help protect your car in the long term.

Avoiding Scrapes

Many scrapes that are left on the sides of your vehicle were actually nothing to do with you – they were left by passing vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Sometimes they’re even left by falling branches, caught in the wind. So, leaving your vehicle on the road at night is a way to accumulate scuffs and scratches that you might wish to avoid. The solution? Keep your car in a garage or on your driveway wherever possible. And if you’re going away for a matter of weeks or months, you should visit to find safe car storage to keep your vehicle pristine while you’re gone.


There are plenty of different ways to clean a car, and some are superior to others. For instance, there are actually some methods of cleaning that leave small scratches on your paintwork and, over time, will reduce the sheen on your vehicle’s chrome. There are others, including professional jobs that polish and buff your vehicle, that’ll leave it looking fantastic all year round. Be careful to regularly clean the interior of your vehicle too – ensuring it smells and looks great when you have a passenger within it.


Finally, it’s worth also concentrating on the security of your vehicle. More expensive cars tend to find themselves the target of thieves, and so they may need more protective measures. Keeping a car in a locked garage is one such method, while installing a steering wheel lock or even a clamp will further deter would-be thieves. Meanwhile, take out a comprehensive insurance policy so that, in the worst case, you’re able to buy a replacement if your car is damaged or stolen in the future. With this security in place, your car will be truly safe in the long term.

Make your car as safe and secure as possible by following the four tips outlined above.

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