Jamaica is not just for Jamaicans! My Old Diary…

I realized I hadn’t seen anything from Berlin yet except the familiar sculpture from the Wim Wenders movie (also just a few moments from the bus). 

Even the venue of the concert was surrounded by trees. 

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On the plane to Oslo, Mike Mills shows his letter just received from Bill Clinton, in which he assures Mike of the President’s sympathy for his stomach complaints. We’re both too hangover to start anything with this.

Today I first saw Kurt Cobain’s farewell letter on someone’s t-shirt.

I followed the girl from shop to shop, trying to read. 

Maybe she was talking about her mood swings. 

Everyone here looks blonde and damn good. 

Oh, and everyone walks orange, which is my favourite colour.

I’m pretty proud of the way we played tonight. 

I have a new track, “Lucky,” and I think tonight we’ve managed to play the best so far. 

The acoustics were amazing, the words just bounced back and forth in space. 

I was constantly and visibly goosebumps all over the number, grinning like an idiot.

Seeing REM play tonight made me realize what king faces were and how much they went through. 

Today, of course, Bill Clinton writes them letters and performs in stadiums. 

It’s not like I imagine our future like this. I only wondered for a second how long Radiohead could last. 

Because I still have moments these days when I decide to make good use of my bonus kilometres that I have accumulated on airlines – which otherwise seem completely useless – and pull me into the dick forever in my voyage in Kare Kare, New Zealand. 

But then what?

The REM machine is mind-boggling anyway. 

How can they balance their minds between this kind of amazing uproar and being a simple guitarist-drummer-microphone guy? 

The answer is there in numbers like “Strange Currencies” or “The Undertow”. for life?

 When I listen to “Finest Worksong,” I feel like a giant again, someone who can smash anything that gets in his way.

In the locker room (which is a cloth) I play a new song for the others. The title is “No Surprises, Please”. 

Colin (Greenwood, bassist) goes crazy. Later, I try not to drink myself to bone drunk, but I make an ugly failure. 

We go dancing, where I fill my aggressive seizures with Scandinavian guys trying to tuck their helplessness into their tracksuits. I’m dancing the clip to the Beastie Boys Root Down out of myself. 

I feel much better. 

After the highly successful ska-reggae event last fall, here’s the sequel. 

On Friday, September 30, and Saturday, October 1, Kultiplex will once again host European-renowned bands, formations and DJs whose names are a sure guarantee for a two-day Jamaican dance party.

On the first day of the party, the ska-rocksteady team from France, TwoTone Club, as well as the Slovak Ska2Tonics will pull the soles. 

On the same day, Hungary will be represented by perhaps the greatest of the genre, Ladánybene 27 and Selecta Áfonya. Light up rockets, reggae sounds until morning!

The next day of the party, the stage is for the slower, smokier beats. 

The biggest stripes of the big cats from Szolnok start the party on Saturday night, so here is the Tiger again! 

The two French performers of the evening are the already well-known Tribuman in Hungary and Boabab with a ‘roots-like’ tone, whose presence is again a good omen for the ‘scan’ that lasts until morning. 

For those who don’t get tired of their legs even after this, be sure to watch the concert of the Hungarian Re-G band, even with regard to the two wonderful vocalist ladies, who might even have been envied by Bob Marley himself! 

On Saturday night, the DJ-hope, who also arrives in Budapest from France, is DJ. 

BlueBob will hopefully close with a bouncy-grinning d’n’b-jungle set like last year.


Written by Cazinoz