It's about Collaborations & Fans in the Music Industry

Collaborations in the Music Industry

Collaborations is a popular trend that has paved way for many artists to gain popularity and bring forth the conjunction of different music styles whether it be styles existing in the same genre or of completely different genres. The music industry is quiet a competitive arena and the idea of collaborations has created a road for many up and coming artists to get their music out there more easily. It is important to identify ones strengths and weaknesses for an effective application of this ideology because this list is a stepping stone to recognize the artists that a musician is capable of connecting with. Mixing and Mastering Services

The importance of different types collaborations were discussed in class and the need for it was discussed among the students as well. As discussed collaborations can be fan based, with other artists as well as people from other creative media disciplines. For example, there exists various stages in the release of an album which include the pre-production and planning stage, the production stage and the post production stage. In the first stage the various approaches that will be implemented in the project will be discussed such as the artwork which will require coordination with a designer, the different tracks involved in the project which can include the collaboration with other artists or fans as well, and finally the collaboration with a marketing team to get your product out there. The second and third stage of the project will be the implementation of these ideas to create a completed product.

Fans in the Music Industry

One of the most important contributing factors in the growth of an artist’s fan-bas is how they interact with their fans. Technological advancements has put forth the need for an artist to be more interactive with his/her fans and vice-versa. These interactions often end up in further publicity of the artist which in turn increases his growing fan-base and also give the fan information on the character of the artist. This interaction also keeps the fan updated with the latest news with respect to the artist, be it may a show or even a new song. Beats for Sale

There are many artists such as ‘chance the rapper’ who have blown up just because of the social media presence and interactions. This can also come in handy as the greater your following the more likely you are to get shows as you will have a larger crowd present to attend. It is also important to distinguish your regular fans and super fans, super fans being the ones that have been part of  your following for a long time and always play a role in discussion with respect to your work. Keeping these super-fans satisfied by taking some of their ideas into consideration and asking for their opinions is also an effective way of keeping your followers satisfied and  wanting for more. For example you could take their opinions for song titles or even their suggestion with respect to album artwork.

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