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It is now easy to check your credit score for free and know your credit shield.

Credit scores are immensely important when it comes to availing of a loan or a credit card. Credit score reflects an individual’s credit and repayment history. Lenders look into an individual’s credit score when he/she applies for a loan or credit card to know their repayment capabilities.

Therefore, maintaining a good credit score is the first essential step towards availing of credit. Banking and non-banking institutions consider individual credit scores before granting a loan or credit card. A low credit score would have a detrimental effect on any kind of loan or credit card application.

Range of Credit Score

The credit score is measured between 300 to 900 in India, with 900 being the highest. The closer is your credit score to 900, the more favourable you are to get loans, credit cards, etc.

These are the ranges of CIBIL score in India:


If you have never applied for a loan or credit card, you will have no credit history. N/H means no history and that you do not have any CIBIL score.


If the CIBIL score is in this range, it means that you have not paid your dues in the past from a loan or credit card. Most banks and NBFCs would turn down this range of CIBIL score due to the high risk of default.


This is a decent CIBIL score. However, it still reflects an untimely payment of dues, which may lead to a higher rate of interest charged by the lender for your personal loan.


This is a good CIBIL score, and the borrower in this range would be entitled to some discount on the interest rate.


This is considered an excellent CIBIL score and should fetch you instant personal loans without any hassle. Individuals in this range of CIBIL scores will enjoy the lowest interest rates.

How to check credit score?

In India, various credit bureaus and agencies keep track of credit scores. One can know their free CIBIL score by visiting such websites, entering their PAN details, after which their credit score will be reflected them.

However, recently a new service called LazyPay Credit Shield, helps individuals to check their credit scores. The services include a credit report, credit health check and reminders on due loan payments.

Why use Credit Shield service?

As a bad credit score affects the loan taking capability of the individual, inviting extra fees and a higher rate of interest, it is thus important for them to maintain a good credit score. A good credit score guarantees lower rates of interest on loans and credit cards along with favourable terms for the customer.

The Credit Shield service helps customers keep track of their financial health and ensure that they do not miss out on the lowest interest rates on loans and other offers on credit cards.

This means that borrowers who are facing financial difficulties and who may be charged with an additional rate of interest will be informed via this service. Credit Shield advises customers whether to opt for a loan offer or not by taking into consideration their bank and loan product information.

LazyPay Credit Shield’s service shows personal expenses history, creditworthiness towards loan and credit offers and how to maintain a good credit score.

How to use Credit Shield Service

The Credit Shield service can be used via a mobile app for iOS and Android. The Credit Shield service has a simple-to-use interface with phone number login and OTP. Users can check their credit score and get all about their financial health in just a simple click.

The credit shield services sends updates regarding:

Fluctuations in credit score

EMI relief on loans/credit cards

Using this service will not affect the individual CIBIL score of the customer.

Using the Credit Shield service, everyone can keep track of their creditworthiness and improve financial health before applying for a loan or a credit card. With a credit shield, customers stand a chance to get the best offers and avail the lowest rates on their loan products.

Download the LazyPay app, get your credit limit and enjoy making those purchases like you never have !!!

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