Is Turkish Airlines flight ticket refundable?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers you certain fares that are refundable in nature. If you have booked a Turkish flight ticket, then you will gain the refund only according to the refund rules of the airlines.

After making, Turkish Airlines Reservations you can gain a refund from the airlines only through the online refund form or by contacting the airlines, official support team. Turkish allows you to get the booking refund only by following the valid procedure.

How to get a refund on a Turkish booking?

You can easily get the booking by following the norms and process given in the Turkish Airlines Refund Policy. You can easily get the refund by using the valid method that is given here. This method will allow you to receive the refund for which you are using.

•          First, visit the official Turkish Airlines website through the web browser.

•          Now, navigate to the online refund form page and select the relevant link.

•          Here, you should open that form and enter the personal details here.

•          Next, enter all the booking details to confirm your traveler identity.

•          After this, enter the description of your issue and send the form by submitting it.

Apart from this, you can also get a refund by contacting the official customer support team. Here, you are required to complete the following process.

•          Visit the Turkish Airlines site by using the browser.

•          Go to the customer service page and contact the live person.

•          Use it to contact the Turkish live person and speak to the live agent.

•          Provide the refund details to that person and ask him to initiate the refund process.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

There are various points that are given in the refund policy of Turkish Airlines. Here, we need to use the following rules.

•          The refund rules of the airlines are always given in the same form of payment which was used at the time of booking.

•          The refund is given only for certain fare types but it is not applicable for all the fares which are provided by the airlines.

•          You can only get the refund before the departure date and through the process of making the refund request.

If you have any issue, then you can connect with the Turkish airlines customer service to gain additional details about the refund which you have used. This customer service is available 24/7/365 for any person to use. You can also use the following process and ensure that you have no doubt regarding the refund status.