Inverter AC V/S Non Inverter A/C

Have you ever thought about which is better between the inverter and non-inverter AC? These 5 points give you the clear difference between inverter and non-inverter AC

  • Speed variation

The greatest difference among inverter and non-inverter AC is the way that the engine of the inverter blower has a variable speed. The speed of the non-inverter Air conditioning is fixed. This implies it works either at full or least speed. Edit in the invertor modifies the force as indicated by the temperature in the room, bringing down the electricity utilization and save electricity. 

  • Save money

Due to the advanced operational technique for the inverter AC, its blower doesn’t work at its full limit constantly. At the point when the speed is lower, the required power supply is lower as well and you pay less cash for power. 

  • Less sound 

The blower engine of the inverter air conditioning doesn’t kill on and constantly, however continues working at low force, so it produces very little noise as compared to non-inverter AC. 

  • Long life span

The innovation of the inverter AC does not make cooling efficient and proficient like non-inverter Air conditioning, but it also makes the AC’s life longer. 

  • Cooling

The inverter AC can not cool your room quicker than the non-inverter. This is because in the start of the procedure, the inverter utilizes more force than the non-inverter and decreases the force when it draws near to the ideal temperature.


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