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Interpretation of different styles of luxury, static comparison of pilots X5

The same is a medium and large SUV, the same is a high-end brand, and the same is a pilot, but this time the opponent is no longer the XC90, but replaced by the BMW X5, one of the German high-end three Musketeers. A major feature of these two cars Still big. Speaking of big, these two cars have different interpretations of big and luxurious.

As a representative of American luxury brands, Lincoln’s product strength has been improved in recent years. It is obvious to all, whether it is in design, materials, or market response, it has performed well. However, in the luxury brand market, in addition to the importance of the product itself, the influence of the brand itself is more important to consumers. The BMW X5, one of BBA’s three heroes, has an advantage in this regard. But what we want to say is, does the brand really represent everything?

1) Seat function

Before talking about the seating space, let’s talk about the seat configuration. There are some differences in the original design between the two cars. The pilot has three rows of seats, and there are a total of six and seven seats to choose from, while the X5 is a standard two-row five-seater model.

The seats of the pilots are unique in shape and powerful in functions. The front seats can be adjusted with many functions, as well as ventilation, heating and massage. The second and third rows have electric tilting functions. On the other hand, X5, although the performance is also Not bad, but the function is not as complete as the pilot.

2) Ride space

Does the larger body size of the aviator reflect the ride space? The answer is yes. Although the headroom of pilots is generally not as good as the X5, the longitudinal space fully reflects the advantages of the body size. Even if the second row is in the last position, the third row has three-finger legroom. In other words, all three rows are practical. The X5’s advantage lies in the headroom. Both the front row and the second row have better headroom than the pilot.

3) Performance of storage space

Because the body of the vehicle is large, the storage space of the pilot has advantages. The front row also has a wireless charging function for mobile phones. However, the width of the storage compartment for the mobile phone is slightly narrower, and a too large mobile phone may not fit. Probably because there is no barrier, the front storage space can be said to be large and much larger, such as the center armrest box and the storage compartment space under the center console.

Because it is a six-seater model, you can choose an aisle or a large storage compartment in the center of the second row. This large storage compartment has a very strong storage capacity and is definitely not a small storage compartment that can only be placed in a mobile wallet. If there is no storage compartment, there is only a cup holder with a lower height. In addition, there are cup holders and small storage compartments on both sides of the third row. The storage capacity of the vehicle is very powerful.

The X5’s storage space performance can be said to be at the mainstream level, but when it encounters a larger opponent like the pilot, it still seems to suffer. It can only be said that it is a regular performance. There is no flaw or surprise.

In general, the pilot relies on a larger body, and the interior space is very good, whether it is the riding space or the storage space, it is very satisfying. In all fairness, the X5’s design plan is also good, but it feels more ordinary in front of pilots. Of course, the ergonomics of the two cars are of the level of the first-tier manufacturers, and the ride is very comfortable, but it is still recommended that prospective car owners go to the 4S shop to actually ride in order to know if this car is suitable for you.

4) Trunk performance

Since one of the two models has three rows of seats and the other has two rows of seats, the starting space performance of the trunk is also different. If all the seats are upright, the X5 can undoubtedly get better data results, after all, the X5 has only two rows of seats. But the pilot can expand the trunk volume to 2044L at most, and the X5 is 1870L. It seems that the size of the car body still has a great influence on the trunk space. In addition, the second and third rows of seats of the pilot are equipped with electric tilting function, which is very convenient. The X5 can also tilt the rear seats from the trunk, but it has a mechanical handle, which feels not as high-end as a pilot.

5) Power unit

The power units of the two vehicles are quite different. The pilot uses a V6 engine, and the X5 uses an inline four-cylinder engine. Although the luxury brand has entered the four-cylinder era, the V6 engine is blessed, which can still add points to the spiritual experience. In terms of power output, the pilot also has nearly a hundred horsepower more than the X5. In addition, the pilot uses a ten-speed gearbox, which is a rare configuration in the industry. Although the X5 is only equipped with a four-cylinder 2.0T engine, BMW’s dynamic experience and adjustments have long been well-known and I believe it has a certain level.

6) Suspension structure

Both vehicles use a front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspension structure. However, the aviator used an aluminum alloy rear lower arm, and the air suspension was also equipped in this model, which shows that the cost is lost. The X5’s rear lower arm is made of steel, which doesn’t feel as good as a pilot, but the actual driving experience is not bad.

7) Summary

Once again, the pilot was pushed to the front line to compare with various opponents. From the comparison between this last time and this time, we can confirm that the configuration of the pilot is very good compared with those purely imported opponents. Big advantages, slightly lower prices than competitors, can be exchanged for a larger car body, richer configuration and stronger power. The X5 naturally has no place to be questioned. After all, it has long been a well-known model in the world, but in the face of a rising star like a pilot, you may need to tighten your nerves a little.

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