Institutions Worldwide Add Stem Programs for International Students

Universities and colleges are adding more STEM programs to cater to international students

In an effort to increase international student applications, educational institutions are adding more programs involving STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to enable students to collaborate across all related disciplines.

While there are many fields of studies for international students, STEM has consistently proven to be in-demand and with a high employability factor. While it can be more challenging to study, opportunities after graduation could be virtually endless. For any foreign student, a degree in any STEM discipline could go a long way.

A STEM Degree Is in Demand

The number of STEM students climbed steadily in the past years. Forbes reported that international students will make up 50 percent of all STEM PhDs in the United States by 2020. Universities and colleges all around the globe are encouraging STEM education, with more and more schools conducting STEM-related programs, classes and activities. 

Students are also opting for STEM degrees because they are in demand and competitive in the world market. There is a strong job growth for engineers, computer professionals, and mathematicians. To be able to meet these requirements, we need to narrow current skills gaps and have enough professionals with these educational backgrounds.

Ticket to a Work Visa Overseas

Although a STEM career requires a lot of commitment and preparation, it’s worth the hard work. Earning a STEM degree can be a ticket to a work visa overseas and a good first step toward a promising career. For international students looking for stable employment and an opportunity to work in another country, a STEM education could be the answer, opening up new pathways and opportunities for permanent residency in the host country.

With hard work and determination, it is possible for students all around the world to take advantage of this growing field and the possibilities it brings. Employers understand the importance of science, engineering, technology and mathematics degrees, and international students who want to work overseas could use this to their enduring advantage.


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