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Instagram Widget : How it works and Why it matters?

Since its inception, Instagram has grown to be the most popular social media platform. Being an active part of it has become the latest fad. Be it boomers or the millennials, everyone is seen updating their near and dear ones about their life happenings. Seeing such a diverse audience at a single place, marketers found a whole new ballgame. Instead of diverting their audience to their brands, they decided to be a part of their feeds. And that’s when the concept of social media marketing came into play.

The significance of Instagram for brand awareness isn’t unknown. There are various MSME that makes use of the platform for increasing their reach. Other than social media channels, there are tools that extend the benefits of Instagram to other online platforms. One of such tools is social media aggregator. It displays Instagram content on your website through widgets. This comprehensive blog will brief you about what Instagram widgets are, their benefits, and detailed steps to embed them on your website.

Without further delay, let’s get started

What are Instagram Widgets?

Instagram widgets are the array of tools that lets you curate and embed your Instagram wall on your website. It expands the reach of your content beyond the social media platform. Instagram widgets fetch the content with the help of hashtags, mentions, and accounts. It is an easy peasy approach with no coding required. Flashing your Instagram content on your website strengthens your online presence and glues your visitors to your site.

Instagram widget is all you need to design your attractive visual galleries that have a lasting impact on your website visitors. With various customization and curation options, you’ll be able to manage and moderate the content you wanna display. 

User-generated content is being used as the best promotional tactic as your brand culminates in the process of being admired by your potential customers. You can display your curated UGC and show people what views others carry about your brand. This enhances your organic social engagement. Instagram widgets give a neoteric look to your website. It becomes a treat to watch for the new visitors and increase the dwell time.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, Instagram widgets carry additional advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Widget on your Website

1. Adds a social proof to your brand  

Your website’s social wall helps you increase the reach. The most visual galleries are a treat to watch for your website visitors. They get encouraged to follow you on social media platforms as well. Not only that, incorporating testimonials and content from your hashtag campaigns acts as a unique UGC which tends to create transparency between you and your customers. 

2. Converts website visitors into leads

Some attractive content increases the website visitors which results in growing engagement and revenues. Along with that, it drives your website visitors to be a part of your Instagram community. Instagram content acts as a CTA that lets them follow your Instagram account. Embed social media feeds content is addictive and that’s what compels visitors to interact on your website. It helps increase the dwell time by attracting potential customers to the beautifully curated Instagram wall on your website.

3. Increases dwell time

Dwell time of a visitor depends upon how appealing your website looks and the type of content you put on it. Giving them a catchy and trendy visual gallery will decrease the bounce rate. It takes no time for them to switch to another website because of monotonous content. Your Instagram social wall enriches your website content. It gives a pleasing browsing experience to your audience. 

4. Brings your content all under the same roof

Your audience looks for a platform that is more convenient to explore. Flashing all your Instagram feeds, stories, UGC generated through campaigns, testimonials, and whatnot, on a single platform will allow you to flaunt your reach and recognition in front of your potential audience.  It is believed that customers trust WOM more than promotional campaigns. Instagram has a diverse audience and a unique recognition. Displaying feeds will surely affect their thought process and will be encouraged to invest their time on your website.

Final Thoughts 

The best advertisement for your brand is your satisfied customers and the content created by them. Then why not display them and let your audience know how much you care about their opinions? With the Instagram widget, you bring the user-generated content to your web platform. It adds up to the business development and flaunts its buoyancy. 

Instagram can prove to be the perfect platform for your business advertisement and to dwell customers with your brand. It does more than what’s been mentioned above. Instagram widgets are a powerful tool that turned out to be fruitful for many well-known brands. Then, why not you? With zero risks involved, widgets are the most feature-rich and affordable tool that will have an overwhelming impact on your website’s performance.

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