Information About 6 Month Tourist Visa 600: Australia And How To Apply

An Australian half-year tourist visa 600 takes into consideration numerous visits to Australia with the end goal of the travel industry. You may just remain for a half year at once. The visa is legitimate for a year from the date you initially enter Australia. You may likewise read/train for as long as 3 months during the year. 

Australian 6 Month Tourist Visa Application 

Should you plan on visiting Australia for a lengthy visit (longer than 90 days), you will be required to apply for a long remaining Australian visitor visa. 

After the standard tourist visa (ETA visa), which takes into account remains of as long as 3 months (90 days), there are different alternatives accessible for remains of as long as a half year and remains of as long as a year. 

Australian Tourist visa for as long as a half year remains: What is allowed? 

This tourist visa 600 grants you to remain in Australia (with the end goal of the travel industry) for as long as a half year at once. (On the off chance that you require longer times of remain, you ought to pick the year vacationer visa alternative. On the off chance that you intend to remain for 3 months or less, at that point the 3-month e-visa will be adequate) 

1. Your half-year visitor visa is legitimate for a year from the date it is given. 

2. The visa takes into consideration different visits, for example, you will be allowed to leave and reappear Australia as every now and again as you like during this year’s time frame. 

3. You may just remain for as long as a half year on each visit. 

4. You won’t have the option to reappear after the commemoration of the date the tourist visa 600 was given. 

Prerequisites of a 6-month traveler visa 

To be able to apply for a multi-month Australian visitor visa, you should concur with the accompanying conditions: 

1. Your outing ought to be for the travel industry purposes – working is carefully disallowed! 

2. You should have the ability to show confirmation of assets in your financial balance that is adequate to support you during the excursion 

3. On the off chance that someone is giving settlement, we will require their subtleties. 

4. You should not go through longer than 3 months examining while in Australia.* 

* If you intend to read for longer than about a month in Australia, you might be obliged to experience a chest x-beam assessment. 

On the off chance that you are more than 75, you will be required to have medicals at an endorsed facility 

Note: If you have criminal feelings to pronounce, additional costs will be brought about. 

Our Visa Application Support Service 

When we get your online to tourist visa 600 application, you will be dispensed a named colleague and will help you through the procedure. They will

1. Set up a check rundown of appropriate supporting data for your application 

2. Go however with you the detail and exhort on the off chance that anything requires alteration 

3. Set up the introduction to Australian Immigration 

4. Prompt on any questions that happen after the application is submitted 

To what extent does it take to get a 6-month visa for Australia? 

The normal handling for a 6-month visitor visa application is around 2 – a month from the time you flexibly totally required supporting data (not from the date of the application). 

In the event that further Medical or Police Checks are required, at that point, it will take longer. The specific time will rely upon the specific pathway your application takes. 

There will likewise be extra charges to pay if medicals or police checks are mentioned. These expenses will be payable straightforwardly to suitable offices. 

On the off chance that you are anticipating making a trip to Australia with a criminal record, the procedure is probably going to take more impressively, and almost certainly, on the off chance that you are allowed a tourist visa 600, it will be for a shorter stay than a half year. In the event that you do have criminal feelings, you have to follow the visa application process for people with criminal feelings.


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