Indian Food For Delivery: Delicious Dishes To Order

Food delivery is the safest option to enjoy dishes from the best Indian restaurant in New York because states may continue to lift restrictions but the pandemic continues to affect people all over the country. By ordering delivery, you stay indoors while a delivery person brings your order. You can just look up the menu from the restaurant website and place an order.

Most people order favorites like butter chicken or tandoori chicken. Many spicy food lovers order Indian food due to its variety of spicy dishes. It’s well-known for its variety of vegetarian dishes. If you aren’t sure about what to order, then here’s a list to help you out.

Butter Chicken

If you’re ordering Indian food for delivery in NYC for the first time, then you should go with the most popular dishes to see what the craze is all about and butter chicken fits the bill. It is prepared by cutting a tandoori chicken into pieces and cooking in a thick, spicy and creamy tomato sauce. Fenugreek is added to it for taste.

Aloo Mattar Gobi

Aloo mattar gobi is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in India. It consists of potatoes, peas and cauliflowers. It is prepared by adding loads of ginger and turmeric which gives the dish its golden color. This simple dish is just as delicious as it is healthy. You can prepare it at home with the right ingredients.


An even more popular and simpler to make dish is the chhole or simply chickpeas. This thick and chewy dish is rich in proteins making it the best Indian food for delivery in NYC if you’re worried about your nutrition. The Amritsari chhole are popular for their larger size. They are cooked with loads of spices, onions, and tomatoes with or without gravy. Pomegranate powder and dry mango are added for taste.

Rogan Josh

This warm and spicy dish comes from the cold and northernmost regions of India, making it perfect for winters. It consists of lamb marinated in traditional Kashmiri spices and slow-cooked with tomatoes, onions, ginger and fennel. The warm and spicy dish features in the traditional 36-course meal called wazwan.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is perfect for you if you love chicken but not curry. It’s available at most of the best Indian restaurants in New York City. It’s prepared by marinating whole chicken in yogurt, tandoori spices and red chili to give it a mild spice taste and an orange hue. The chicken is skewered and roasted in a clay oven called the tandoor, which adds some smokiness to the tender meat.

Chicken Tikka Masala

It’s butter chicken but boneless. The chicken cubes are skewered and roasted in the tandoor just like tandoori chicken. It’s the perfect combo of kebab and curry, making it a must-try if you love both.


If you’re looking for something spicy at the best Indian restaurant in New York, then you should order some vindaloo. It’s one of the spiciest meals on the list marinated with vinegar, red chili and other hot spices that will make you sweat with every bite. Chicken, lamb or prawn are usually the main dishes.

Dal Tadka

A thick and grainy lentil soup that gets its yellow color from the turmeric added in it. It’s prepared with ginger, cumin, garlic and green chilies to add some taste to it.


The main issue with Indian dishes is that you have to order some rice or flatbreads on the side to complete it. Biryani is a wholesome meal that solves this issue with ease. It consists of chicken or lamb layered in rice cooked over a long time on low heat. Vegetables may be used instead of meat. You can order some yogurt on the side to milden the spices added. The best part of it is that it’s available at most of the best Indian restaurants in New York City.


After all that stuff, you might want some dessert to sweeten your mouth. In that case, order some kheer for dessert. This porridge is made by boiling rice in milk and sugar with pistachio and cardamom added for taste. It’s best served warm during winter as every sip slips down your throat and warms you from the inside.


If you just want some evening snacks, then you should order some samosa. This snack with a wheaty exterior and a soft potato interior is perfect for any gathering. They taste best with some tamarind sauce on the side. The ones served at Imli are a must-try.


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