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How To Use Social Media For Virtual Events?

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all the event marketers. A complete shift from in-person events to virtual events has given rise to the evolution of marketing strategies for the promotion and execution of events. 

Fast-forward to 2021, event marketers have been leveraging various strategies to escalate their virtual events, one of which is being socially active.

Social media, the heart of the marketing ecosystem, is the platform where marketers meet and greet their audience. Having an intensive social media presence is therefore a must for every event marketer nowadays.

If you are already using Social media to boost your virtual events then it’s good, but if not then explore this blog and learn how to use Social media for virtual events.

Why Social Media?

It would be no surprise to know that 3.81 billion people use social media worldwide that accounts for 49% of the world’s total population. That’s a huge number to shed light on.

So, now the question changes to the statement “Why not Social Media!” 

Event marketers have to be where everyone is, and Social Media is the perfect spot. The diversity of the platform provides the marketers with a plethora of opportunities to spread awareness about their event and promote it in an exquisite way. 

Event marketers capitalized on this platform to catalyze the success of their virtual events and engage the maximum audience. There are many effective and exciting ways to use social media for virtual events. Here we listed a few of them.

Social Media For Virtual Events

The companies and digital event marketers need to adapt to the changing version of the events and the changing technology to boost virtual events. So, they must know how to use Social media for their virtual events.

#1. Harness The Organic Features Of Social Platform

Social media channels are incorporated with some amazing features that can help you increase event awareness and attendance eventually. These features include

  • Social Stories

A short snapshot that disappears after 24 hours but stays in the mind of your audiences for quite a long time. This feature of social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook is a great way to increase awareness about your upcoming event and post-event promotions. 

  • Live Stream Feature

Going live along with the questionnaire round would help the companies/brands to learn about the queries of the audiences and smoothly interact with them.

  • Polls

A feature that can be used during the event to get valuable information about the interest of the audiences and their opinions about the event.

  • Countdown

The trigger used before the start of the event to generate curiosity into the interested audiences to attend the event.

#2. Build excitement with Influencer Marketing

Outreaching your event in collaboration with some famous social media influencers is a great way to excite the targeted audience about your event. 

You can request the influencers to promote your event to their followers or you can create a co-branded video with them to engage more and more social media audiences with your brand.

You can even use some famous quotes or lines of the speakers to introduce the subject of the event to the audience. This will trigger them to participate in the event.

#3. Create Same Hashtags For All Platforms

Hashtags are the small characters that closely relate to the topic and environment of the event. Creating an event dedicated hashtag can be one of the most effective ways to generate more user-generated content that advocates for your event display social proof for the same.

Also, remember to have a unique hashtag for all the platforms to make it easy for the audience to post their experience and engagement with the event on any social media platform without any chaos. This strategy will help you attract more social media audiences towards your virtual event.

#4. Go For Paid Promotions

Along with organic marketing, it is a must to try hands-on paid marketing as well. It will increase the visibility of your virtual event and will give the attendance of your event a significant hike. With paid promotions, you can even get into the feed of other social media users beyond the list of your followers. 

#5. Use Social Media Wall With Live Streaming Of Event

Display the live experiences of your attendees to the other attendees of your virtual event using Social media wall. A well-curated, customized, and the moderated wall that displays your social presence to the attendees of the virtual event is known as a social media wall.

This wall can be curated using various ways such as hashtags, mentions, tagged posts, etc. by displaying the social media wall with the live streaming of the event, brands/companies can enhance the interactivity of the speaker with the attendees and among all the attendees of the event. 

It is a perfect way to boost the engagement of your virtual event and make your attendees feel special by showcasing their content to all the attendees of the event.


Social Media is the trending marketing tool used by all marketers worldwide. As a platform that engages a wide range of audiences effectively, it is vital to leverage it for your virtual events. Marketers should use the above-mentioned way to use social media for virtual events and make their event a huge success.

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