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How to troubleshoot an HP printer supply memory error

HP printers are among the world’s most reliable brands. It is so popular because of the high print quality it provides. Moreover, it has advanced degree printing technologies, compact layouts and compatible capabilities. Often times, users have some problems with this printer. From time to time, you may encounter a specific problem with your HP printer. One such significant printer problem is the ‘HP printer supply memory error‘. But the emergence and attempt to solve the printer problem by taking all the measures that are sometimes very helpful. Therefore, read this article quite carefully. Follow the steps listed below and solve the problem very quickly.

Causes of an HP printer supplies memory error

There are 5 common and simple things that can cause a problem with your HP printer not working properly, all of them are listed below. They will become easily recognizable and can be easily eliminated:

Packaging materials, protective paper, or strips are jammed that have not been removed.

Print cartridge problems.

Damaging pieces of vinyl.

Gather the metal contacts of this toner.

Out-of-date printer firmware / software.

Whatever the cause, the problem is easily resolved with a few simple practices.

Some unique solutions to the HP printer memory error

There are 5 fixes that can alleviate the HP printer media error problem. Perform the following repairs:

Protective strips and jammed paper or missing packing materials

If you install a new toner cartridge in your HP printer, you will see orange vinyl clips and a protective strip that suggest the cartridge is great will not be damaged until it is pulled out. Each of these clips and straps around the drum must be moved before installing the new toner. Otherwise, they will prevent the printer from printing.

These capsule clips are easy to stick or take apart, just like your thumb. A strip is located on one side of this print cartridge. At this point, you could see an orange ring that needs to be pulled out for the printer to remove.

Replace the print cartridge

If the print cartridge is a genuine HP print cartridge, it must be at a university.

Make sure you received your first HP print cartridge

Purchase the cartridge from an HP store, alternate stores, or local retailers.

Replace cartridge

If you are not using a genuine HP print cartridge, if the cartridge is empty or damaged, follow these steps to replace the cartridge.

First of all, open the printhead or printer capsule door.

Eliminate the old printhead or publish the cartridge.

Unpack the cartridge and fix it nicely on the printer, you put the old one in the recycling box.

Replace damaged plastic parts

When a printhead or print cartridge has been broken between the sides of its own accord to make sure that the plastic parts are damaged, they are not seated properly in the printer. This is one of the causes of memory problems. Easy way to fix this dilemma Replace the printhead or the toner cartridge with a brand new toner cartridge.

Fix the metal contacts of the chat

Whenever you are about to insert a printhead or a print cartridge into your printer to be able to display the cartridge, it contains two small metal contacts. If the metal contact is not touching the printer circumference, you can be sure the print cartridge is not installed properly.

Eliminate the printhead and find what looks like two small metal squares or microchips. Now find the exact same connectors on your device.

When the metal squares look snug to the back, slowly pull them forward. This should allow them to properly attach to the print cartridge as soon as it is installed.

It also occurs when newspapers or packaging materials are jammed. Therefore, check your machine from the inside if it is very clear or before installing a new printhead or toner capsules.

Outdated printer software / firmware

The created printer will slowly update the printer with the latest software or firmware. Whether or not this software is outdated for whatever reason, you can find the error message. Go to Google and enter “[version of your printer] firmware” in the search box and download the latest version to your device. If

new applications may restore problems with the operation of the printer’s source memory. You can try to find a brand new firmware update version on the official HP website.

One of the most important causes of the source memory error may be that when you insert a remanufactured printhead or publish a cartridge with a microchip with toner, it is out of date.

To solve the memory failure dilemma in HP printers, the only easiest way to replace the cartridge with a new one would be to buy a store or business without buying one.


Please contact us to resolve the problem with the printer. We hope this guide helps you fix the HP printer memory glitch. Therefore, please read this article carefully and follow each of the steps above. They are all extremely important, so don’t dismiss any of them. If one step doesn’t work, try another.

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