How to retain and boost your SEO ranking after a website redesign

It has become a rat race ever since the digital revolution started. So many trends are being re-written. Google Analytics has taken the digital platform to an all-new arena. Among numerous metrics that everyone pays serious attention to, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands out, because it contributes directly to the Google rankings. In today’s scenario, websites are being continuously designed and redesigned to make sure that it leaves a tick mark against all the SEO ranking parameters. Let us see how to retain and boost your SEO ranking after a website redesign.

  Importance of Search Engine Optimized Website Designing and Redesigning 

Now that Google Analytics has literally taken over the digital media platform, it has become a mandate to adhere to the SEO protocols to stay consistent in the virtual world. In order to play the game like a pro, you need to stay in the game, hence it is essential to update your website to meet the requirements of the ever evolving SEO protocols.

Sneak peek of an example

Before checking out the SEO ranking factors, let us look at an example of a familiar website that has constantly re-designing its website.


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