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How to resolve Norton antivirus error code 3048 3?

Norton antivirus is one of the most famous anti-malware programs which are known for the best data and device security. Norton antivirus is available in various plans for multiple devices. This reliable antivirus keeps your device secure from all the malware and hacking threats. To keep your device secure, your antivirus must be error-free. Whenever you get any error with Norton, you should fix it immediately. One of the most common errors faced by many Norton users is the 3048 3 code. 

Common reasons for Norton antivirus error 3048 3:

  1. You have installed an incompatible Norton plan

  2. The user has deleted the Norton program file mistakenly

  3. Registry files get corrupted

  4. Windows files are showing an error

  5. You have another antivirus on the PC

  6. A third-party program is conflicting with Norton

Symptoms of Norton antivirus error 3048 3:

  1. Error 3048 appears while opening the device

  2. The scanning process interrupts and Norton has encountered an error 3048 3 message appears on the screen

  3. Norton error message popup appears while running a particular program

  4. System freezes and an error message displayed on the screen

Resolving Norton antivirus error 3048 3:

Check the resource requirements for compatibility

Norton antivirus provides different plans for different devices according to the specification. You can’t install a Windows plan on a Mac device unless you have a multi-license subscription. If the Norton error is appearing while installing the setup then you have to check the resource requirements of your Norton plan. Now check the device specification to ensure that your Norton plan is compatible with the device. In case your Norton plan is incompatible then you have to cancel the Norton subscription and purchase a plan which is compatible with your device.

Repair the broken registry files

If you are getting the error 3048 with every program then you should check the registry files. You can get this error due to broken registry files. Go to the registry editor and repair the corrupted files. But repairing the files is not easy; edit the files only when you have technical knowledge. Always create a backup key before editing the files. Here are the steps for creating a backup key for Norton:

  1. Go to Windows search bar

  2. Type run and hit the Enter button

  3. The run wizard will appear

  4. Type cmd and press the Enter button

  5. A confirmation window may appear on the screen

  6. Click on the Yes button

  7. Windows command screen will be displayed

  8. Type Regedit on the command screen

  9. Hit the Enter button

  10. The registry editor will appear on your desktop. Search for the Norton antivirus related keys. Click on the key and hit the Export button. Save the Norton keys with .reg extension and export them to the desktop. Now edit the files and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Remove another antivirus from the computer

Users can get Norton related errors when they have installed multiple antivirus plans on the device. Multiple security plans can conflict with each other while detecting the malware. For Windows 10 PC, go to the Apps folder. Search for another antivirus and right-click on it. Choose the uninstall button and follow the on-screen commands. Once complete, restart your PC and now check for the Norton error.

Revert the changes on your device

If your Norton error 4048 is appearing after making changes on your device then you need to undo the changes. If you have remembered the settings then go to your device and undo the changes. In Windows devices, you can use the restore tool to revert the changes. Search for System Restore and click on the result. Now follow the on-screen commands and provide a restoration point. Restart the computer and run Norton antivirus.

Repair the Windows files

Sometimes the Norton error can occur when Windows files get corrupted. You have to repair the Windows files for troubleshooting the error. Use system file checker to repair corrupted Windows files:

  1. On a Windows device, search for Run 

  2. Press the Enter button

  3. The run wizard will appear

  4. Type cmd and hit the Enter button

  5. Windows command screen will be displayed

Type SFC/scannow on the command screen and press the Enter button. The system file checker tool will scan your device and fix all the corrupted Windows files. After completing the process, restart your device and check for the error.

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