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How to resolve Canon printer error code 5200.

Many modern printers have a self-diagnostic function, which allows the user to signal, using special codes, the appearance of certain faults. For example, if you get a (Canon printer error code 5200) when you turn on the Canon printer, it means that the print head is overheating. According to the instructions for the device, this error is considered fatal and should be referred to a service center. Also, some “advanced” users are advised to discard the device and purchase a new one. But everything is not so sad, because in most cases the problem is solved in several simple ways.

Reasons that Causes Canon printer error code 5200:

In many Canon printers, black and white printing is done with the participation of a color cartridge. So if the latter is finished or dry, you should save it in order to use black and white printing. There are models of printers that use ink, in addition to printing, also as a coolant for cartridges that become hot during operation. Therefore, if the ink runs out, the error 5200 appears, which means “Cartridge overheated.”.

This code often appears when the machine is used only as a copier or as a monochrome (black and white) printer. Over time, when the black ink in the cartridge does not remain, it refills, forgetting the fact that color produces its resource. So the ink in it ends up, starts to overheat, and a 5200 error appears.

A primary solution of error code 5200:

This method of clearing the Canon printer error code 5200 is suitable for MP series devices (mp250, mp270, mp280) and MG series devices (MG2140, MG2240, MG3140, MG3240). As mentioned above, the failure occurs due to the cartridge overheating. Therefore, first, it is required to find a cartridge problem that is subject to overheating. This can be done by looking at the status monitor displayed on the PC screen. Both cartridges should be removed, after which, inserting them one by one, follow the program until the cartridge problem is found.

If both cartridges are installed in the printer, the monitor may display incorrect information. For example, the program reports that the color cartridge is defective, but in reality, the reason is black and vice versa.

After detecting a problematic ink tank, it is necessary to refill it, in case it is empty, or rinse first, and then fill the ink (if the container contains a little paint). It is also recommended to clean the contacts located on the cartridge and the contacts located on the device carriage. If these procedures did not help, you will need to buy a new cartridge and change it, and then make sure the capacity always has an adequate level of ink.

Reset error through the service menu.

This method is intended to reset Canon Printers’ diapers and helps to repair error 5200. Its essence is as follows.

  1. The device must be turned off. Press the STOP / RESET button and, while holding it down, turn the device on with the POWER button.
  2. Continuing to press the POWER button, after the power indicator lights, press STOP / RESET 2 times and hold this button.
  3. You can now lower the POWER key and then release the STOP / RESET button. The LED will turn green. This light indicates that the unit is in service mode.
  4. Then press the STOP / RESET key 4 times and turn off the device.

Printer function buttons

After these actions, the 5200 error no longer appears. This way you can also eliminate the appearance of support code 5200 on the Canon mp 490 (mp495) printer. To reset the pamper counter on the Canon Pixma IP2700, the above method will not work. To do this, you can use this video. Despite the video being in a foreign language, all actions to reset diapers are understandable.

Solutions of Canon error code 5200:

There is another way that the support code indicating that the print head is overheating disappears. It is recommended to use it if you are not going to use color printing yet. Do the following:

  • write on a syringe of distilled water;

Distilled Water Syringe

  • remove the label on the top of the color cartridge;
  • below it, 3 circles through which it is possible to refuel will be visible;
  • if there are no holes in the circles, they need to be drilled;

Drill holes

  • Using a syringe with a needle, fill the water into each hole until the liquid begins to drip from the nozzle;
  • dry the nozzles with the cloth and insert the cartridge into the printer;
  • perform the diaper reset procedure as above.

After these actions, the nozzles will cool down and only black and white printing will be available.

If this method proved ineffective and the Canon printer error code 5200 continues to appear. 

I will recommend you to check the mentioned blog.

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