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How to Reset HP wireless Printer | Not Working |

How to reset your HP Wireless Printer password

When you take into account the variety of software and hardware products that are available, HP is easily the best-known brand. This company’s products are so satisfying that many people are searching for products that provide a positive customer experience. This company’s products include a variety of items, such as printers or laptops.

There are many questions that you might have about the printing process or the HP Printer if you use a wifi printer. All your queries about HP printers and wifi hp printers will be answered in this article hp printer password reset Are Solved

How do I locate my HP printer WiFi Password?

The first problem for HP printer users is not being able to obtain the wifi password. To fix this, follow these steps. –

  • You should note that wireless printing is possible only if your printer is connected to a network.

  • For this, you will need your password. This password is often referred to as the WEP key, or wifi security code.

  • It is important to understand that wireless passwords are usually provided by your ISP. You can use that password to establish a connection when you have it.

Sometimes you might forget your password for the printer wifi. This can lead to panic among many. It is important to remember that you don’t have to panic if this happens. Simply follow these steps to reset your hp printer wifi passcode. It is important to note that the steps required to reset your HP printer wifi password depend on the type of printer being used, so it is important to identify the type.

How to reset the password for your HP wireless printer manually

  1. Access the Home menu for your printer.

  2. Click on the right arrow.

  3. Choose the Setup menu.

  4. Select Network.

  5. Scroll down until it appears. Click on it

  6. Click Yes.

  7. Wait until the default settings have been restored.

  8. Go to Control Panel. Press Win + R. Then, place the control panels in the box. Click OK.

  9. Access devices and printers

  10. Right-click on the HP wireless printer icon

  11. Click Properties.

  12. Click on the Password icon.

  13. Enter your new password.

  14. Make changes.

The HP printer password recovery process is easy and can be completed in a few minutes.

HP Printer Software: How to Install a Driver

  1. Go to www.123.hp.com/dj3700, and click on the Download button.

  2. After downloading the program, open HP Easy Start.

  3. To continue, click on Setup My printer to accept all Terms.

  4. Click Continue to prepare your screen

  5. Make sure to turn on the power button in the printer’s control panel.

  6. The Connect screen will show you your printer serial numbers as [Ready for connection].

  7. Connect to the screen, choose your HP printer, then click Continue.

  8. You will see your printer and the wireless network SSID on the Connect screen. Click the button to connect.

  9. If the network name is correct click Join.

  10. If you do not know the correct name of your network, please manually click on Network Name Tab and choose the correct network from drop-down list. Click Join.

  11. While you set up your connection, your computer will be temporarily disconnected to the wireless network.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Technology users can find one solution from our company’s expert technology support specialist. We are a company that offers technical support for gadgets and device users. Our team includes experienced technicians who will assist you in the most efficient way possible. We can help you with technical issues as a third-party provider. Remote services simplify your work and allow you to use your device from anywhere in the world.    

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