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How to Integrate Quickbooks With QBPOS

If you want to get optimal accounting experience, then you must do QuickBooks integration with QBPOS. Only by this integration can you get real-time information about all your business transactions and stay updated all the time. After the integration of quickbooks services, you do not have to worry about data entry manually. Also, you can avoid errors and mistakes during data entry. Many users do not know the proper process of integration between QBPOS and QuickBooks. In this blog, you will learn how to perform this integration using quick steps.

Three Steps for QuickBooks integration with QBPOS

As a user, you have to execute the following steps for quickbooks integration with QBPOS.

1. Work on the QuickBooks POS Server

POS server contains the POS data files that you use for business-related works. At the very beginning of this process, open the POS file that has financial data. After that, launch QuickBooks POS.

2. Open Company Preferences in POS

Now, it is time to open the “Company Preferences” menu of the POS server. After opening, locate Financial from the left column and double-click on it.

3. Click on Use with QuickBooks

At this point, go to the right side of the column. You will find a box named “Use with QuickBooks accounting software.” Click on that. After that, wait as the QuickBooks POS will search for the QuickBooks accounting software running on the same system. After locating, it will automatically connect to the file containing financial data that is open. Finally, you will see a pop-up message. It will ask you to confirm whether it integrated the correct file or not.

Concluding Thoughts

By following these three easy and simple steps, you can quickly perform QuickBooks integration with QBPOS. After the integration, you can get more benefits from QuickBooks services.

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