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How to Fix Mobile Phone Network Issues?

Mobile phones are fascinating wonders of the technological era. Sadly, without a network, these devices are nothing more than a camera or an mp3 music player. Although a few individuals prefer wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) nowadays, having zero network coverage can be frustrating. Troubleshooting network issues may be easier than you think. While performing cell phone repair on your own, always KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid). Start simple – step outside your room with low connectivity or move away from any electronic devices that cause signal interference. 

Sometimes, issues manifest themselves in a tricky manner. Do not fret because this article presents to you simple tips to fix your problems. Nonetheless, stores like Mobile Junction are one of the vast numbers of repair shops that are happy to fix your phone if you live in London, Ontario. The following steps generally apply to all Android phones regardless of their brand or model. 

Try the below tips for a week signal:

Simple Fixes

Occasionally, few of the problems are resolved by doing simple steps. 

  • Restart – Try restarting your phone. It clears your system cache and can return network connectivity. You just have to press the power button for a few seconds and your phone restarts. 
  • Flight Mode – Try toggling the flight mode option from your notification bar or in your settings. What it does is it refreshes your network settings.
  • Keep your Grip light – Some older models of phones experience this issue. Gripping your device too tightly near the network gates drastically lessens the signal.
  • Protective cases –A few protective cases can reduce the strength of the network signal causing decreased data transfer rate on the web. Go to your mobile settings and under “Mobile Network”, locate Signal Strength. Check the data in dB with your case on and again while removed. If the difference is significant, your protective case is causing more problems than protection.
  • Area of clearance – Tall buildings, congested residential areas, hilltops tend to mess with the network connectivity. These are some inevitable factors you cannot avoid. You can stroll around in your house to check signal strength in different areas. Next time go there to make a call.

Sim Card Errors

Often sim cards are at the root of network issues. Faulty sim cards are easy to fix but hard to detect. These measures are useful to find whether it is at fault.

  • Rebooting your device – At times, on inserting new sim cards or replacing old ones, some devices do not recognize them until restart.
  • Proper adjustments – Placing your sim card on the tray is crucial. Keep in mind that while inserting, the gold stripe on the sim card remains unscratched or unbend. Tampering with this strip can cause losing data or registering.
  • Reinsert the SIM card – Turn off the mobile and then access the sim tray. Remove the card, wipe it with a piece of clean cloth, and place it again.
  • Replace the card – if none of the tips works, it is most likely that the SIM card is damaged or defective. Locate the nearest Phone Repair in London to get a new SIM card.

 Advanced Troubleshooting

The following steps, though not simple, can very likely fix your mobile’s network issues. Manual Selection of network– In the Settings menu, under More networks, you will find Mobile Network. The automatic setting in it selects the fastest network available. It may not be a strong network signal. Select Manual Select and choose a network. GSM or CDMA connections can also provide a more stable signal.

  • Updating APN settings – Locate “Access Point Names” under mobile networks in your settings. Add the APN from your ISP websites and select. If you see the protocol set to IPV6, you may change it to IPV4.
  • Corrupt IMEI – To find your device IMEI number, dial #06#. Instead of showing a number, if it displays NULL, this is the root cause of your misery. It is advised not to go into engineering mode yourself but seek professional aid. Locating repair shops is easier than ever. Just type “Phone Repair near me” in Google maps to find the best shops in your vicinity.

Last Resort

Unfortunately, if you seem to hit a dead end, trying these steps may be your last resort.

  • Factory Reset – Resetting your phone to factory default removes all settings and customization done by you. Go to settings, under Backup and Reset, you will find Factory Data Reset. It will revert your phone to its original state.

Some of the steps may be a bit tricky but hopefully, it resolved your issues. If you are, compelled to seek professional help; this means that you, may need new Firmware for your device. No reason to fret; repair stops have been doing these things for years. Accessories like new mobile cases or sim trays are stocked well for customers like you.

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