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How to Fix Gmail SMTP not working iPhone?

Although, emails are very useful to us, and no doubt they have made our work very easy. However, accessing emails from different devices and different platforms can increase the headache of ours, as there are several server settings that need to be done. In this short article, you will see the setup of SMTP server Gmail and other such settings.

Mail Server Settings for Gmail

Following are the details that you need to fill in while accessing your Gmail on your iPhone which will include Gmail SMTP host settings and IMAP settings. SMTP is used for sending and receiving emails without any hindrance, while IMAP is used for syncing your emails when accessed from different devices and email clients. Overall, these two protocols monitor the whole email activity over the internet.

In order to accomplish the Gmail, set up on your iPhone, these are the Gmail SMTP server and IMAP settings:

User Information

  • Name: Your full name used in Gmail Account

  • Email Address or Username: Your full Gmail email address

  • Password: Your Gmail account password.

IMAP- Incoming Mail Server Settings

  • Server: imap.gmail.com

  • Port Number: 993

  • SSL Requirement: Yes

  • TLS Requirement (if applicable): Yes

  • TLS Port Number: 587

  • Authentication Required: Yes

SMTP- Outgoing Mail Server Settings

  • Server: smtp.gmail.com

  • Port Number: 465

  • SSL Requirement: Yes

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