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How to Fix "Epson Printer Says Offline" Error in Windows 10

Most consumers at some stage encounter an “offline” error when using the printer. In this article, we dealt with the question “Why is an Epson printer offline”. We’ve explained the answers to these offline problems in a very simplified way.

Here are some of the common reasons an Epson printer works offline:

If the Epson printer is currently showing an offline message, there is a communication problem between the Epson printer and computer.

The Epson printer cannot communicate with all computers due to hardware or software problems.

Stopped or slow “Spooler” service may take the printer offline.

Incorrect printer configurations where the printer is not selected as the “Default Printer” can take the printer offline.

An outdated printer driver may prevent your printer from working.

The section below covers many of the steps that can resolve the question “Why does my Epson printer keep going offline”.

Uncheck the option “ use printer offline ” –

Measures to turn an Epson printer from offline to online in Windows 10

Publish your Epson printer and give yourself a moment to get fully operational.

Make sure your Epson printer is connected to your computer and check that it is connected to the network.

Log on to the personal computer using local administrator accounts.

Go to the Start menu, then open the Run dialogue and type Command Panel.

Click on “Devices and Printers”. The printer record will now be displayed.

Right-click your Epson printer and select “See what’s printing”.

Click on your printer and uncheck “Use printer offline”. The EPSON printer is set to online mode.

After completing these steps, Epson Printer Offline Error It will fix now and go back online today.

Troubleshooting the spooler service if it was stopped or paused

Due to this spooling service being stopped, a person may encounter the failure “Epson printer goes offline in Windows 10”. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue –

Go to the Run box and enter “Services.msc” and click “OK.”

Then the help window will open. Then go to “Print Spooler” and make sure its status is “Running”. If the group is “Stopped”, right-click “Print Spooler” and click “Start” to restart the service.

Close this window and assess whether these measures bring your Epson printer back online or not

Hopefully, these measures will fix the “Epson printer shows offline on Windows 10” problem.

Make sure you clear all printer jobs – while printing is in the queue.

In some cases, when the print queue is stuck later, the printer shows offline, you want to clear print jobs by following the procedure below:

First, open the run window from the search window and type services.MSC, then press at the top to open the support window.

Now tilt to buffer and click to open click-click and stop OK button.

Open Windows File Explorer, then type this -% windir% System32 bolt PRINTERS in the address bar.

Select all files in the Printers folder, and then delete them

Now go to buffer properties and click on start option, then hit the button.

Now restart your computer today, you can see the print jobs will probably be clear, and the publish function will work fine today.

Assess and make sure the printer is set to default mode

Often, an Epson printer goes offline because it is not set as the default printer in Windows.

Follow these steps to set your Epson printer as the default printer. First, launch the Run dialogue in the hunt for Windows Then type “controller” and press Enter. Now point to “Devices and Printer” from the next window and click there In the following dummy printer list windows, select your printer and right-click it and make sure “Set as default printer” is checked. If not, choose an alternative. Today you will have the option to find a green checkmark on your printer icon. Eventually, your Epson printer states that the offline error is resolved. Sometimes an Epson printer claims to be offline. The problem occurs due to a printer driver error: Outdated or damaged printer drivers may prevent you from printing.

You can fix this error by simply updating or reinstalling the drivers. Follow the instructions below to reinstall the printer driver:

  1. First of all, open the “ Control Panel ” from the menu.
  2. Open “Insert or Remove Program” and right-click the Epson printer driver in the list of applications.
  3. Click “Uninstall” from the pop-up menu to remove the previous printer driver.
  4. Go to “ Camera and Printers ” again and click on the “ Add Printer ” alternative also In another screen window, click “Insert Network, Bluetooth or Wireless”.
  5. Install the application on Windows according to the version number of the Epson printer.
  6. After the installation is complete, reboot your system to assess whether the error “Epson Printer Still Goes Offline In Windows 10” is fixed or not.
  7. Check the link for the Epson printer, and computer The “Epson printer goes offline” error mainly occurs in Windows 7, 7, and 10.

This happens when the computer is not communicating with the printer. However, this error can be easily fixed by making sure the Epson printer and computer are well connected to the entire USB. If the cable is damaged, replace it with a new one. Hopefully, this should fix the Epson offline printer issue on Windows 10.

Fix “epson printer in error state” Error

Incorrect printer setup or link displays an “offline” printer message on the Mac device. Therefore, below we need to explain the solution to fix the ‘Epson Printer States Offline’ error on Mac devices:

Reset Apple MAC’Publish Settings’ selection:

Poor online connectivity can damage the printing system as well as expose the Epson printer as “offline” on your Mac. To fix these problems, please follow the procedure below –

Open the “Apple” menu, then select “System Preferences”.

Go to the segment “Printers and scanners.”

In another window, right-click the displayed Epson printer and select “Reset Printing System”.

Enter your Mac username and password which will appear in another pop-up.

Then press the “OK” button.

Wait a while for the list of printers to display again.

Then add the Epson printer with the “+” icon.

Today your Epson printer will be back as ‘Online’. You can make a test print to check that the printout is good.

Considering the different printer besides the MAC device:

Sometimes the offline error on a Mac occurs when the same printer is set up multiple times. Follow the instructions below to correct the difficulty of the “ Epson offline printer statuses on MAC ”:

Go to the Apple menu> Program and Preferences> Printers & Scanners.

The list of printers will appear under “Printer & Scanner”.

Delete the additionally added printer by clicking on the printer and selecting the ‘-‘ signal from the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now set Epson’s “Idle Printer” as “Default Printer”.

Finally, restart the printer. This should fix the offline printer error.

Conclusion: In this guide, we have covered all the problems that can make your Epson printer offline. Additionally, we also explained the solutions to these problems for MAC and Windows systems. This saves you from having to worry about the Epson printer going offline problem.

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