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How to fix Canon Printer Error 6000.

Canon Printer Error 6000 is one of the most common errors which pop up quite frequently. It appears when users attempt to print any documents on the device. The Paper jam issue is the main reason behind this error.

Here, in this post, we will have a brief discussion about such a Canon printer error. Just read this post thoroughly. We have listed some effective and tested solutions to mitigate the issue. But before that, you have to know the exact cause of this problem. So, take a look below and find the proper causes.

Causes Of Canon Printer Error 6000 :

  • This issue occurs when the paper feed tray of the printer prevents its opening when something gets blocked in it. It may be dust particles or paper pieces.
  • Error Code 6000 also may arise when the tray is not correctly fitted in the tray.
  • Also, this error may occur when we try to give a multiple paper print command at a single time.
  • Sometimes, it may also appear on your system, when the printer is surrounded by lots of documents.
  • The line feed is either scratched or smeared.
  • This error also arises, when any defect arises in the sensor unit or in-line-feed slit.

Steps to resolve Canon Printer Error 6000:

Step 1: Reset the printer. Most of the time, when you face error 6000, just restarting the printer is enough to solve the problem. To reset your printer, unplug your printer first. After you have unplugged it, wait for a few seconds before plugging it again. Switch on your printer and wait until it is active.

Now, press and continue to hold the “Power” button for a few seconds. After a few seconds, press the “Stop” button twice. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times. When you release the power button, release it slowly.

For the last step, press the “Stop” button 4 times. Performing these operations is sure to fix your problem. If not, try the following.

Step 2: Clean the paper feed tray. Open the printer lid and find the paper feed tray. Remove all the papers from the tray. Look inside the paper tray for any torn pieces of paper or clips that might be stuck in there.

These foreign objects inhibit the paper from being processed smoothly. After removing all the papers, try to disassemble the paper tray. If the tray can be removed, reinstall it properly so that the fitting is tight and proper. If not, make sure that it is fitted correctly. Put all the papers back together and restart the printer. This should fix your error 6000.

If you are still not able to understand how to fix canon printer error 6000, you can write to the customer support team who will assist you with all further queries. Just tell them everything that you have tried and they will guide you for the next steps that you need to perform.

These 2 steps will fix your error instantly.

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