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How to Fix Canon error code 5100

Here you will get the reasons that can cause Canon printer error code 5100.

Canon printers, much to talk about, good performance, good quality, performance per cartridge well can be said, although these printers that give this error, the cartridges are not very cheap to say, it is normal to know that these errors occur so that we have to be prepared.

The Canon printer error code 5100 indicates that something is jamming the cartridges, that is, the process of the cartridges going and coming back is being hindered, so what I recommend is if any of you have a continuous ink system installed in any of these printers, check if this system is not letting the cartridge or rather the head with the cartridges reach where it has to go.

Since we know that we do not have continuous ink systems, what we have to do is see that we do not have any type of paper at one of the two ends where the printer head arrives because this is the same as if not will arrive, then quietly check the entire cartridge process.

Since we have observed and we do not have any of these factors that may cause the problem, we are going to reset it, it is simple, I only recommend that you follow the steps to the letter, it is always recommended so that everything goes well, in If not, I recommend you check mentioned blog.

Error 5100 is a common error and the user may get irritated if some important work gets stuck due to this error. Not problems, read below detail to find multiple possible solutions for this error.

Steps that Fix Canon printer error code 5100 Instantly:

Step 1. Turn on the printer.

Step 2. Try to press Menu, If the printer lets you enter before presenting the error again, half the problem solved, if we can enter what we will do is restore the factory system, this option is given to you by the printer system, It is where we can say that the configuration that the printer has now is completely lost

Step 3. Press Scan / Copy / Scan. ( this is to enter service mode )

Step 4. Once this process is done we have to wait a little while.

Step 5.  The printer needs to stop flashing and display the error and fix error 5100

And Solution for Error 5100 in ( Canon Pixma MX700 ) :

The Canon Pixma MX700 multifunction printer includes an LCD screen that displays the various error codes whenever there is a hardware or software problem. Each error code is tied to a specific type of problem to make the troubleshooting process easier. Error code 5100 describes a physical problem, either with a paper jam or an improperly seated ink cartridge. Resolving the error is a quick process, requiring only a few standard procedures.

STEP 1. Press the “On / Off” key on the printer’s operator panel for one second. Wait 15 seconds and then tap the button again. You are trying to print or scan a document.

STEP 2. Check the paper feed tray at the front end of the printer to see if there is visible paper jammed inside. Open the printer cover by holding the front edge and lifting it up.

STEP 3. Grab the edge of the jammed paper and pull to your side to remove the paper. Unplug the power cord and UBS. Turn the printer over.

STEP 4. Pull out the rear plastic cover and check for any visible jammed paper. Grab the edge of the paper and pull to your side until you remove the paper.

STEP 5. Push the back plastic cover into place and reconnect the power cord and USB. Try printing or scanning another document to see if the error is resolved.

STEP 6. Lift the cover off the printer again and wait for the ink carriage to slide into view. Press the “Push” button on the front of the first ink cartridge. Pull the cartridge out and then put it back in to make sure they are properly seated.

STEP 7. Repeat the process for the other three cartridges, then close the plastic cap. Turn off the printer and turn it on again.

I Hope Above Solution Helps you to Fix this Canon error code 5100. If not Contact Printer Support Experts.

SOURCE:  https://teletype.in/@robertjohn5803/resolve-canon-printer-error-code-5100

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