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How to ensure the online security of your Twitter Account

In August 2010, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse published the latest chronology of data breaches. This article outlines the number of sensitive records compromised since 2005. The most sensitive personal information compromised was credit card and social security numbers.

The documents also state that most of this information comes from buyers, retailers, non-insurance companies, non-dealers with finances from buyers. They were also small enterprises, and many of these businesses were small. Almost everyone is hacked at the same time. Twitter, which people use to make nice picture comments through their Twitter account on social and famous pictures, is very prone to hacking these days. Twitter hacks are a common occurrence. That’s worse than trying to gain Twitter followers but being crushed by hackers. 

  1. Always rely on best Password combinations 

Here are some Twitter tips to help you create strong passwords that will trick your Twitter password hacker. Make sure your password is around ten characters long. Use symbols, numbers, and lowercase letters. Use an alternate password for each social media site and email. If you are prone to forgetting your password, keep it in a safe place. Use a password management device to protect your passwords.

  1. Always be careful about verification of your Account Login

Your password isn’t the only thing that matters. Twitter offers two-step verification so that you can access your account. You must enter the correct code to access your Twitter account. You can use Twitter security settings to initiate verification requests.

  1. Make sure to avoid suspected stuff like links and data

Using a ‘phishing‘ technique, scammers try to access your private information via tweets, direct messages, and email via Twitter. They can reveal that your Twitter account has been hacked and instruct you to change your password immediately. You can be sure you won the challenge, and all you need to do to get the prize is log in to your Twitter account. These traps aren’t worth it! Whatever the reason the Twitter password hackers give, you should never give out your password to anyone. These are usually signed that someone is trying to hack into your account.

  1. Do not install unauthorized apps and sites

Are you planning to use your Twitter account to sign up for third-party websites or apps? Be careful! This way, the apps will have limited access to your Twitter account. Therefore, be careful! If you have any suspicious or false experiences, please cancel your application immediately.

  1. Keep your phone in the locked state 

One of the best ways to protect your social media accounts is to lock your phone with a strong password. This will ensure that no one can access your accounts, even if your phone is lost or stolen.


This is how one can save Twitter account and data from the hands of hackers. Hackers are very active these days and can post anything from your account or misuse it for criminal purposes. That is why it is always good to keep your social media account away from such hackers.

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