How to deal with common Yahoo queries?

yahoo mail forgot password

Yahoo is a free web-based email service provider. Yahoo mail has millions of active users around the world. Yahoo mail interface is very simple and robust which means you can easily work on Yahoo.

yahoo mail forgot password

Indeed Yahoo offers reliable services; there are few issues which you may face while using Yahoo. The good thing is that most of the Yahoo errors get fixed manually. 

How do I recover my Yahoo password?

This is the most common issue faced by almost every person. If you are using several accounts then remembering passwords can become troublesome. 

Using a unique password is also necessary to keep your account secure from hackers. People often change the account password for security reasons.

 But remembering passwords is not easy. Yahoo provides various methods for recovering your Yahoo passwords to prevent data loss issues. 

If you forget your Yahoo mail password then follow the given steps for recovering your password:

  1. Open your web browser and search for Yahoo mail

  2. Click on Login

  3. Enter your Yahoo email address

  4. Hit the Next button

  5. Click on Forgot Password option

Yahoo will redirect you to the password recovery page. You can recover your Yahoo password by the registered phone number, recovery email or security question. 

Recovering Yahoo password with recovery email

When you create your Yahoo mail account, you enter a recovery email address. If you forgot your Yahoo password then you can use the recovery email address. 

Click on the Recovery Email option, tap the Send me a Yahoo Account Key option. Now open the email address you have registered and check for the recovery email. 

Click on the link and Yahoo password reset page will appear. Enter a new password for your Yahoo mail.

Recovering Yahoo password with security question

While creating a Yahoo email account; you have answered a security question. If you remember the answer of your Yahoo security question then you can use this option for password recovery. 

Click on the security question option and answer the given question. If your answer is correct then you will be redirected to the password reset page. 

Recovering Yahoo password with phone number

Click on the phone number option and Yahoo will send the recovery link on the registered phone number. Click on the link and recover your Yahoo password.

 If you are unable to use any methods for recovering the password of your Yahoo email account then you should ask the Yahoo technical team for help.

Unable to receive email

Issues in receiving the email can occur due to various reasons like weak internet access, blocked email address, etc. When you are facing issues on receiving the email then you should immediately check your internet connection. 

If your internet connection is weak then you have to wait until the connection gets stable. You should also check the Spam folder for the email. 

Sometimes Yahoo suspects the email as spam and sends the email directly to the spam folder. Check your blocked list to ensure that you are not expecting an email from a blocked email address.

 If you have blocked the recipient then unblock the email address and request the person for resending the email. 

How to block any email address on Yahoo mail?

Blocking someone from Yahoo is very simple. Open the email address you want to block and navigate to More icon. A list of choices will appear on the screen, click on the block sender option. Hit the OK button to save the changes.

 Now you won’t receive any email from that sender. 

Yahoo mail is not responding

If your Yahoo mail is not responding then try opening your mail on another device. This type of error can appear due to caches, cookies, and history files. 

Remove all the browser junk from your PC and then try to open your mail. Go to your browser settings and check for new updates. 

If a new update is available then install it immediately. Now check whether your Yahoo email is working or not. You should also check the IMAP and POP settings. 

Try opening Yahoo mail or another web browser. If your Yahoo mail is not responding on any web browser then you should contact Yahoo support number for help.


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