How to care for solar panels throughout the year?

The solar panels and fasteners are integrated in one piece and operate in a wide variety of weather conditions. For this reason, despite the high reliability and thoughtfulness of the design, the care of solar panels is necessary. Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan With periodic inspection and maintenance, your SES will last much longer and with maximum efficiency.

How to care for solar panels

Care includes a number of specific actions. All of them are quite simple and in most cases can be performed independently. Each element of the system has its own rules, which we will briefly list.Fasteners. Fastening structures are usually based on anodized aluminum. This material is lightweight, durable and does not corrode. However, in the joints, after strong winds, the bolts may loosen, and the struts receive slight mechanical damage or shift. In good weather, the inspection can be skipped. We have already talked in more detail about the fastening of solar panels.

Inverters. Placed not inside the building, but outside, these devices are necessarily equipped with a heavy-duty housing. It is almost impossible to damage it, but dust and sand often clog the filter holes. In the absence of periodic cleaning, poor ventilation leads to overheating of the electronics, which threatens the failure of the inverter. This also applies to inverters located in the room – they are also often clogged with dust, which can affect their performance. Our TOP-12 inverters for solar power plants.

Solar panels. In the vast majority of cases, special care is not required for the modules. However, their strength and tightness, which guarantees absolute protection of the cells, do not exclude periodic surface contamination. Whether solar panels need to be washed, and how often to do it, depends on the situations that we will look at in the next section.

Grounding and insulation of cables. One of the most sensitive areas in a system is grounding and wiring. Sometimes the insulation is accidentally damaged, which causes the contacts and / or metal wires to be exposed. Without timely elimination of damage, the system will greatly lose its efficiency, and in the future it can cause a short circuit in the photovoltaic system. Solar Energy in Pakistan In addition, damage to the wiring is extremely dangerous to human life and can cause a fire. So it’s not worth saving on its installation and contacting “home” electricians or companies without sufficient work experience.

Purity. Contamination of angled panels is rare. The poor adhesion of perfectly polished glass does not help to hold on to snow, and the rains are practically streak-free. However, in the intervals between the modules with the presence of frames, individual branches and debris can get stuck, and the glass can be partially contaminated with soot from chimneys, various dust and pollen from trees. In such cases, the answer to the question whether it is necessary to wash the solar panels will be yes. We will tell you in detail how to do this.

Changes in the environment. When the installation of the SPP is carried out from about November to April, the nearby trees stand without leaves. This may not be taken into account during construction, and in the spring the foliage will begin to cast a shadow on the panel. The performance of the installation in such cases is reduced dramatically, and therefore the excess greenery will have to be promptly removed by cutting off the branches. Caring for solar panels in summer

It is rarely necessary to eliminate excessive contamination of work surfaces in the warm season. The only exceptions are regions, Solar Panel in Pakistan which are characterized by frequent sandstorms and heavy rains with winds carrying fine debris. Since active pollution can reduce the efficiency of the panels to 5-30% (with a serial connection, all panel elements will work like the most polluted cell), you still have to fight it.

This can be done in two ways:

Clean and wash the panels with improvised means yourself;

Invite company specialists to conduct audit and maintenance (for example,;

Contact a third-party cleaning service if the batteries were purchased and installed without the participation of the seller.

If you are confident in your own abilities and know exactly how to care for solar panels, it is enough to perform the following operations in compliance with safety rules.

Clean and wash roof panels only in dry weather, in shoes with non-slip soles and with a rope tied around a securely fastened belt (if there is no special mountaineering equipment).

When working, use only soft brushes and water with the addition of detergents that do not contain strong chemicals (dish gels, laundry soap, etc.). It is advisable to add a softener to calcined “hard” water with a high calcium content.

Long garden hoses and telescopic poles are recommended for convenience.

Large objects with sharp ends or edges – branches, pebbles – should preferably be removed with your hands so as not to scratch the glass of the battery surface.

Caring for solar panels in winter

Basically, such maintenance consists of dealing with wet snow and icing, and can be done in three different ways.

Passive method. It consists in giving the modules a sufficiently large tilt angle, if this does not lead to a strong drop in performance at low latitudes. In such cases, snow and ice on the constantly working and heating panels will not be able to hold onto, and will slide down under the influence of gravity. Active manual method. It becomes necessary if passive protection is not enough. For this, all kinds of soft scrapers are used.

Active automatic method. Recommended where energy costs for such a cleaning system are economically justified. In ascending order of costs, it uses three technologies: Installation of the “blower”. The original design creates an excess air pressure at the outlet, 10-12 times higher than the wind force. The disadvantage is that it is useless with complete calm.

Fixing the heating cable along the grooves between the panel cells. For melting and sliding of the snow mass, it is usually sufficient to turn on the current for only 3-5 minutes. Sunlife Automatic heating system with self-start. The application is advisable only for high power SPP.

Using our tips for caring for solar panels, you will save yourself time and hassle, and your power plant will work long and efficiently. And if during the selection of solar panels (and other equipment for solar power plants) you have any questions or need help / advice on the care and maintenance of solar power plants, please contact our specialists. My Watt has been on the market since 2013 and we have enough experience to help with advice or action.


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