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How to Build a Logistics App

The logistic industry plays an important role in our lives. It helps to manage transportation of the goods and services from one place to another, which includes several processes such as warehousing, raw material handling, supply chain management etc. 

Undoubtedly, this industry has opened extensive opportunities for businesses to expand their services across the world. In order to meet the modern demand and overcome the traditional barriers, companies have to adopt innovative logistic IT solutions, which ensures to provide uninterrupted services to customers and track all continuous activities. Mobile applications play an integral role and help to streamline several processes, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

In this blog post, let’s discuss how logistic based mobile applications are helpful for businesses as well as must-have functionalities in the solution. 

Why should you opt for Logistic based Mobile Applications? 

1)Vehicle Tracking 

With the integration of geolocation, mobile applications help users to track the real-time status of the vehicles. It helps to improve the quality of the services by delivering goods at the right places and at the appropriate time. This functionality helps to improve the customer experience and management by enabling them to track the drivers, which helps to increase productivity. Undoubtedly, map integration has turned into a must-have feature in logistic based mobile applications. 

2) Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management is one of the ideal ways to manage business operations. The proper product management and storing data effectively, help to improve productivity and functionalities. With mobile applications, this process can be automated, which results in the seamless processes and also reduces the chances of data misplacement. Along with this, it saves a lot of  time and efforts of the human resource, which can be utilized in other production processes.

3) Online Booking 

Undoubtedly, online services have turned into a trend. In the present scenario, people are fully dependent on their smartphones, as it offers to manage the full process in an automated manner and from anywhere and at any time. Nowadays, people prefer easy and instant booking services. With mobile applications, users can easily book the services such as cargo or any product as per their preferences. 

4) Increase Visibility

Mobile applications help to increase the visibility of the brand. It also helps you to attract more customers and mark your presence worldwide. This enables you to boost productivity and revenue.

Core Features of On Demand Logistic Panel 

User Panel 

Registration Process

After downloading the applications, users have to register them on the platform with all the important details, which includes all the information such as name, contact, and email address.

Sign In 

After signing up on the mobile applications, users have to log in to the app with the same registration details. 

Vehicle selection

It plays an important function in the logistic based mobile application. This feature allows customers to select their vehicle as per their preference or suitably according to the services they require. 

Scheduling and Managing Booking

After choosing the vehicle, drivers can schedule and manage their bookings in terms of timing and location. They can also book the service before to avoid delays and cancellations. Along with this, customers can also book instant services at the same time.

Payment Gateway 

After finalizing the bookings, customers can pay for their services with multiple highly secure and trusted platforms. 

Push Notifications

Send reminders and alerts to the customers with notifications to update them for their services, 

Review and Rating System

Offer an opportunity to your customers to provide feedback and experience regarding the services. It will help you to improve the services, as well as other customers, make quick decisions. 

Driver Panel

  • Sign up/Login in 
  • Manage Profile 
  • Manage Requests 
  • Consignment Details 
  • Navigation 
  • Push Notifications
  • Mark Delivery
  • Shipping Details 
  • Access to History 

Admin Panel 

  • Manage Users 
  • Dashboard 
  • Vehicle Management 
  • Manage Customer Requirements 
  • Driver Monitoring 
  • Manage Payment 


Mobile applications for Android and iOS have redefined the logistics industry. It helps to streamline the processes in an accurate manner. If you are also planning to launch your logistic based mobile applications in the market, then in the above blog we have mentioned how it can be beneficial for you and the functionalities that you can’t miss to afford on the same. 

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