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How to block Malwarebytes popups notifications?

Malwarebytes is an antivirus program that is popular which offers free device protection. It’s a lightweight anti-malware software that offers diverse functions, including the ability to eliminate unknown infections at a speedy rate.

It is a no-cost software, however, you can upgrade to a more advanced version that also serves various functions like security against malware-infected URLs, real-time protection as well as other features.

In this article, I will discuss the steps to how to disable Malwarebytes popups.

As with many freemium programs Malwarebytes, too, fills your system with pop-ups. The pop-ups that Malwarebytes displays include:

  • The trial version of the premium version is no longer available.
  • Purchase an upgrade
  • Protection disabled
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

These pop-ups are extremely annoying when you work on your personal device since they are still unable to use premium pop-ups. In addition, they usually aren’t easy to remove.

How can I stop Malwarebytes pop-ups?

There is a way to stop Malwarebytes pop-ups when you see these easy fixes we suggested to Windows as well as Mac.

In a Windows computer

If you’re using a Windows PC, these will be tweaks you can set up to eliminate pop-ups quickly.

Solution 1 Malwarebytes disable notifications

You can disable Malwarebytes notifications in order to stop irritating pop-ups that are persistent and annoying. These are steps you can take to get it done.

  • Open Malwarebytes on your computer.
  • Visit Settings.
  • Changes to these settings are made under the Program tab.
  • Turn off the switch next switch to “Notify me that full version updates can be found”
  • This could disable updates pop-ups.
  • Switch off the switch located next to “Display Malwarebytes alerts in the Windows system tray”
  • This could disable tray alerts.
  • Switch off the switch in the middle of “Display notifications when Real-time protection settings are turned off”
  • This could prevent alarms from occurring when security settings are turned off.
  • This will disable any notification pop-ups that were displayed on your computer.

Solution 2: Disable Start At Boot

Malwarebytes is activated by default whenever Windows begins. This is also a contributing factor towards the reason that it sends updates instantly.

  • It is possible to disable Malwarebytes from beginning at boot time by following these easy steps:
  • Open the Task Manager. It is possible to download it from the WinX menu (press Win + X, or directly click Start)
  • Under the Startup tab, click on Malwarebytes, then under the Startup tab, Malwarebytes.
  • Click it and choose to disable it.
  • This could stop Malwarebytes antivirus’s start-up.

Solution 3 choose from the premium trial version

Malwarebytes offers a free trial of this upgraded version, for 30 days and the program will open to the basic version, in the event that it is not upgraded to a more advanced version. After the trial expires you are able to opt-out of a more advanced trial version.

If you permit malware-fighting programs to run throughout the trial, pop-up updates will be sent. This is the principal reason why alerts to update are observed.

You can turn off this premium version and then start using the trial version before normal. This way, you’ll not be able to disable updates pop-ups.

To end this trial To cancel this trial, follow these steps:

  • Open Malwarebytes.
  • Select Settings from the left-hand sidebar.
  • On the Account Details tab Click to deactivate the Premium Trial at the lower right on the screen.
  • Select Yes at the next second.
  • This could mean you are not eligible for this trial and you can upgrade to Malwarebytes at no cost. So, you won’t be notified of updates unnecessarily.

On the Mac device

There is also the option to deactivate the antimalware warnings on your Mac. Here are the steps that you should follow to fix Malwarebytes pop-up alerts:

Open System Preferences. This can be done by clicking the Apple icon on the menu bar and choosing “System Preferences”

Click Notifications

  • In the list of programs Click Malwarebytes Agent
  • In the Malwarebytes agent sleep mode, choose not one.
  • This will block any ads on banners and Malwarebytes alerts on Your Mac device.
  • Also, deactivate any other notifications options.

There will be a listing of other notification options, like lock screen notifications or notifications center, badge icon, etc. You can also deactivate them to keep any further alarms from being displayed on your phone.

Stop the talking menu

After you’ve completed your tale There’s no need to look up any additional information in Malwarebytes on your computer.

Things to know

If you’ve followed the steps listed above You now are now aware of how to avoid Malwarebytes pop-ups appearing on Windows as well as Mac devices. These steps will block any non-critical system alarms from happening. But you should be aware that important alerts could be displayed based on the nature of the threat However, you are able to view the alerts

  • Real-time protection stopped alerts of threats
  • Malwarebytes Update Popup
  • The scan found the danger
  • Restart is required to end the threat of speaking

These alerts are important in certain ways, which is why I’m not averse to it if the program informs me whenever it detects threats. Some alarms are annoying, but now you know the easy steps you can do to turn them off. Please leave a comment with any questions you have, and then discuss with your alarm provider.

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