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How to Become a Police Officer | Essential Guide

A lot of people aspire to become police officers. After all, not only do police officers have a challenging and exciting line of work, but they also enjoy various benefits that regular jobs may not provide. For example, law enforcement positions are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and many other pieces of federal legislation that regulate working conditions.

However, before you begin your application to become a police officer with the National Park Service or any other organization for that matter, you’ll need to meet certain requirements and pay your dues beforehand. This post will walk you through some pre-application steps on how to become a U.S. Park Police officer.

First off, you may have heard that the U.S. Park Police are unlike most other federal law enforcement agencies since they’re responsible for policing not only national parks and national monuments in the United States, but also military bases and other federal properties throughout the country. Additionally, the U.S. Park Police are a Homeland Security agency which means that they’re tasked with protecting national security at all times while going above and beyond to ensure the safety of civilian lives as well as military personnel stationed there.

The main course of becoming a U.S. Park Police officer is to become a commissioned police officer with the Bureau of Prisons or serve in the current U.S. Park Police force as a sworn federal law enforcement officer. After all, the Bureau of Prisons is responsible for federal prisons across the country and U.S. Park Police officers are given an option to decide whether they’ll continue their careers as a state or federal police officer or become an employee of the U.S. government.

Given that the application process for becoming a police officer with the National Park Service involves taking several competitive exams and passing numerous stages before you get accepted, we’ve created this detailed guide on how to become a U.S. Park Police officer .

Because of the rigorous application processes in place, only those who’re determined to become a member of the U.S. Park Police force should even attempt applying to begin with. Additionally, it’s important to note what types of skills and experiences are needed for you to secure a spot on this elite law enforcement team. More importantly, you have to be prepared for the many hurdles that lie ahead if you aim to become a U.S. Park Police officer.

As we’ve explained above, the application process requires that you first pass one of the competitive exams offered by the National Park Service and only then do you have a chance of becoming a part of this elite force. For example, even though there are several civil service examinations available on a yearly basis in which one can try their hand at becoming a U.S. Park Police officer, only those who pass the written and oral test of BG-OPDAT examination will be considered fit for employment with the Bureau of Prisons or other agencies that use this same exam as part of their hiring process.

The test itself is a two-step application process to begin with. In the first stage, you have to pass the written test which is an examination that’s designed to judge your current level of knowledge in the areas of reading comprehension, logical reasoning and basic English usage. Failing this stage would disqualify you from further competitive exams. The second step consists of an oral interview in which applicants will be tested on their social skills and experiences in dealing with the public. The Bureau of Prisons hires over 1,200 new federal law enforcement officers every year and most of them are destined for careers as U.S. Park Police officers or U.

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