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How to activate McAfee Software on your new Windows computer?

McAfee antivirus is a famous security software tool that provides excellent device and network protection. With the wide range of features and tools McAfee antivirus one of the best security antivirus programs which can deal with all the threats easily. McAfee is available for Windows as well as for other Operating systems. For Windows, McAfee offers a wide range of plans varying in features and prices.

Installing McAfee antivirus on your new device will ensure that your device is not vulnerable to threats ever. Once you install McAfee antivirus then you can easily keep your PC secured from all the threats. You can get your McAfee antivirus plan either from a retail store or from an online purchase. But you should only purchase the retail plan if you have a CD on your device. If not then you should go for an online purchase.


Follow the given steps for installing and activating McAfee antivirus from CD:

  1. Open the McAfee retail box
  2. Check for the McAfee CD
  3. Check the McAfee product key
  4. Now insert the CD on your device and wait until the installer appears on the screen
  5. Click on the installer
  6. End-User License Agreement page will appear on your screen
  7. Read the McAfee license agreement page and click on the Agree and Install button
  8. McAfee activation window will appear
  9. Type the McAfee product key on the activation window
  10. Click on the Activate button

Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process. Restart your PC and now you will see a McAfee icon on your desktop. Now click on the McAfee icon and you will get the McAfee dashboard on your screen. Now click on full system scan for scanning your whole device.

Downloading and activating McAfee antivirus from the online store:

  1. Go to the web browser and search for McAfee antivirus
  2. Open McAfee website
  3. If you are a home user then click on Personal
  4. You will see a list of McAfee plans available for home users
  5. Go to Windows button
  6. Choose a plan for your device
  7. Check all the features and resource requirements
  8. Click on Buy Now button
  9. Shopping Cart page will appear on your screen
  10. Check your McAfee plan and click on Next button
  11. McAfee fillup form will appear
  12. Enter your details (Name, phone number, email address)
  13. Choose your Country
  14. Select the Language
  15. Now fill the billing details
  16. Press the Buy Now button

Wait until the billing process completes and do not press the refresh button. Once the billing process completes, open your registered email address and click on the email you have received from McAfee antivirus. Click on the URL to install McAfee. The McAfee installer will check for the device specifications and then show the next window. Hit the next button. Now the EULA page will appear on your screen. Click on Agree and Install button and follow the on-screen commands. McAfee sign-up page will appear. If you have a McAfee account then you can directly login but if you are a new user then create the McAfee account.

You will see an activation window. Copy the McAfee product key from the McAfee email and paste it on the activation window. Now follow the on-screen commands and then restart your device for completing the installation process. Now scan the PC and go to the settings for configuring the McAfee antivirus according to your requirements.

After activating your McAfee antivirus, you can use your McAfee features until you have the subscription. Once the subscription expires then you have to go for McAfee subscription renewal. After renewing you can easily use McAfee antivirus on the PC without any concern. McAfee provides both manual and automatic renewal features. McAfee will start sending you a renewal popup a month before expiry. Once you renew the McAfee antivirus, the remaining days of McAfee’s plan will be added to your new subscription. If you choose the auto-renewal feature then McAfee will renew your McAfee antivirus automatically a month before expiry and billing will occur from your credit card. Installing McAfee antivirus also provides the multi-license plan where you can easily install McAfee antivirus on your various devices with a single McAfee subscription. This plan will help to keep all devices on every platform like Mac, Android as well as iOS fully secure from all types of threads simultaneously. You can also monitor all your devices with your primary device and manage the security of every device with ease.

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