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How Safe is Flying with Spirit Airlines During the Pandemic?

The Pandemic caused due to COVID-19 has brought a drastic change in our style of living. Almost everyone in the world has been hugely affected due to the virus. Work from home is the new normal, and a mask is no more a need but a necessity. Thanks to our scientists, healthcare professionals, and all the frontline workers, we have somehow managed to suppress the spreading of the virus through prevention techniques.

When it comes to air travel in these times, it can be a little bit unsafe, but if we follow all the preventive measures, flying onboard can be as safe as in the pre-covid era. Spirit Airlines shares the faith in maintaining a protected environment for the passengers when being onboard. With the continuous inputs and support from Aviation Public Health Initiative, also known as APHI, Spirit Airline is one of the safest carriers to travel during the pandemic. To learn more about APHI studies and protective measures, you can visit the airline website or contact the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

Spirit Airlines has a specialized COVID task force whose sole purpose is to look after the safety of the passengers and the crew members. Here are some ways by which Spirt Airline and other major airlines keep their passengers and crew members safe and the virus under control.

How to Control the Spread of the Virus Onboard

As per the studies conducted by APHI, the best way to control the spread of the virus is by using a face mask that should not have any vents or exhalation valves. A face mask has proven to be an essential element that can help in the prevention of spreading respiratory infectious diseases while you are onboard. As per an article released by WHO, wearing a proper fitting mask is a major step to stop the spread of the virus, but it cannot be the only factor. Along with a mask, you also have to follow the below-mentioned rules:

• Maintaining physical or social distance
• Avoiding going to crowded places
• Avoid close-contact situations with other people
• Proper cleaning and Sanitization of seats and interiors when onboard
• Routinely washing of your hands
• Bend your elbow and cover your sneezes and coughs

What type of Mask Should we use?

As per WHO, three kinds of masks are most effective. These are:

• Disposable Medical Masks that must comply with the medical standards.
• Reusable Non-medical Masks that comply with ASTM F3502 standard.
• Other types of non-medical masks include multi-layered homemade masks that should have a good fitting.
• It should also be certified by an authority. N95 or similar masks that should not have any valve.

A disposable medical mask is generally recommended and suitable for the following people:

• People of age 60 and above
• People with a medical condition that includes cancer, obesity, immunocompromised respiratory, cardiovascular diseases.
• People feel unwell and include mild symptoms of sore throat, slight cough, muscle aches, and fatigue.
• People who have recently been tested positive for COVID-19 or if you are waiting for your test result.

Guidelines Issued by Spirit Airlines that must be Followed when Onboard.

• All customers must wear an appropriate face mask for their entire journey. Exceptions will only be considered for infants aged two and below.

• Face masks should only be removed while eating or drinking. Once done, you have to cover your face again.

• The mask should have a snug fit and properly cover the nose and mouth.

• The mask should have at least two layers of fabric protection.

Things to Know if You are Traveling to the United States

• For both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people, you have to show your vaccination certificate along with a negative test result received from a PCR COVID-19 or Antigen test. It should be done within one day of your journey.
• For non-US citizens, you have to show a fully vaccinated certificate at the time of boarding on the flight for the United States.
• Children aged between 2 to 17 years have to show a negative result report from a valid test taken via Antigen or PCR COVID-19 test.
• You can check the list of acceptable vaccines for COVID-19 on the Spirit Airline official site.

You can call the Spirit customer service number for the latest COVID policies and quarantine information.

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