How Post-Secondary Institutions Can Optimize Their Admission Process Management

Time for colleges and universities to streamline their admissions process management

Are you one of the colleges and universities struggling with admission process management? Limited budgets and major shifts in education have made admissions an even more competitive arena. Do you find it hard to attract top students to enroll in your programs?

 Admission process management has three pressure points: marketing, processing systems, and staffing.


Nowadays, when you hear the word marketing, you will probably think of websites. Yes, this is an important tool for marketing in the digital age. But don’t rule out the importance of letters, flyers, and even social media posts. Any method to reach out and engage with students counts as an important part of your marketing arsenal.

 It is also crucial to always keep your admission goals in mind. Do you want to increase your local students? Do you want to attract more international students? Do you want to highlight a particular program of study?

 Keep your objectives in mind so that you know which segments of students you can target.

Processing systems

Admission process management begins and ends with the students. It starts the application forms that they submit and ends with their enrollment into the school. 

 To help these students, install a more streamlined admissions process. Don’t make them waste their time and resources on follow-ups or the submission of too many forms. 

 One way to do this is to use automation and technology for faster results, responses, and customer service. If you can have an automatic messaging system for common queries, then your staff does not have to read and reply to such emails or site inquiries.  

 There are extra benefits to the school when a process is streamlined. Such a change maximizes the efficiency and resources of the college or university.


These days, it is not uncommon for admission teams to manage the entire process with so little manpower. Through strategic planning and team development, colleges and universities can identify the key result areas for specific staff.

 Another solution is to hand over certain parts of the admission process to a reliable partner with trained staff and extensive infrastructure. Schools can still provide a streamlined admission process to their prospects without investing in additional manpower. 


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