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How Much Do You know about BMW X7?

Before purchasing a car, it is better to do more research to learn more about your target cars, like how the car drive performance performs, how does it cost that suit your repayment loan, and more. Today I am going to share you with some tips for BMW X7.

Reason for choosing BMW X7:

Firstly, BMW X7 is a luxury car equipped with the dashing exterior appearance of a typical SUV. And as matter of fact, the SUV car is always has a nice car typo that you can feel free to pick it like your own car.

Secondly, BMW X7 is built with standard and attractive car-driving safety features, like an Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Distribution, and Brake Assist, which guarantees the safety of driving a car.

Thirdly, equipped with a turbo-powered engine with the Sport automatic transmission, BMW X7 offers you considerable car performance.

Drawbacks of Choosing BMW X7:

The Harga BMW X7 is so expensive, and if you want to purchase it in Indonesia, it is IDR 2.30 Billion for the whole car. In other words, it requires you to pay more than 29.80 Million for a month. And the Fuel consumption is very too wasteful since it can bear only 9.7 KM for 1L fuel. 

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